How To Clean Bunn Coffee Maker? The Right Way

Are you tired of your Bunn coffee maker because it is not brewing a tasty coffee due to the dirty machine? Cleaning the Bunn coffee maker is important so you get tasty and delicious coffee and also the coffee maker works properly. A clean machine not only brews tasty coffee but also improves the life of the coffee maker.

But how to clean Bunn coffee maker to get the best-tasting coffee for you? Don’t worry, in this article, I will guide you through the cleaning method in detail. I will show you how effectively you can clean the Bunn coffee machine. So, every morning you get a perfect cup of coffee.

It is essential to clean the Bunn coffee machine regularly so it works well. Buying a good coffee maker is one thing but keeping it in the good condition is another thing. By cleaning it, you will remove any bacteria and germs from its parts.

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Things You Need For Cleaning Bunn Coffee Maker

  • Cleaning solution or vinegar
  • Hot water
  • Toothbrush
  • Cleaning cloth

All the cleaning solutions are easily available at home. Don’t use cold water, use hot water and mix cleaning solution in it. For cleaning solutions, you may use vinegar, soap, lemon juice, citric acid, borax, and cream of tartar.

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How To Clean Bunn Coffee Maker?

how to clean bunn coffee maker

By cleaning the Bunn coffee maker, you get tasty coffee and a smoothly running machine. Here is the cleaning process in the detail.

Step 1 – Prepare Descaling Solution

descale solution for bunn coffee maker

The first thing, you should do is to prepare a descaling solution. If you are using any specific descaling solution of any brand then read its instructions. Every brand has its own specific instructions on the packet.

If you are using vinegar or any other natural descaling solution, mix it with hot water. Mix vinegar and hot water in equal quantities.

Step 2 – Place Carafe

bunn coffee maker carafe

When the descaling solution completes its work, it goes into the carafe. So, you need to place the carafe in the right place. So, the descaling solution won’t fall outside the carafe. Set the carafe setting at full to get the best result.

Step 3 – Clean Cycle

bunn clean cycle

Now it’s time to begin the clean cycle of the Bunn coffee maker. This step will clean all mineral buildup from inside the coffee maker. When you turn on the clean cycle, the descaling solution runs through major parts of the Bunn coffee maker.

It breaks down the mineral deposits. It will run for a few minutes. Depending on the coffee maker model, time changes. When the cleaning cycle is performing its operation don’t press any other button on the coffee maker.

Step 4 – Flush Cycle

The flush cycle is not common in all Bunn coffee makers. In this process, freshwater runs into the coffee maker.

If your Bunn coffee maker supports a flush cycle, use its flush function to flush out all residues from the coffee maker. If you don’t do it within 15 minutes of completing the clean cycle, you need to start the whole cleaning process from step 1.

Fill the carafe and water reservoir with clean water. When the Bunn coffee maker shows the “Flush” icon on the machine display, press the clean button to start the flush cycle. It will take 8-10 minutes to clean the coffee bar properly.

Not all Bunn coffee maker has an auto flush feature, so for those machines, you have to do it manually. Fill the water reservoir with clean water and run an empty cycle. Repeat this flush cycle 2-3 times to rinse out all descaling solutions.

Step 5 – Clean From The Outside

We regularly clean the Bunn coffee maker from the outside. But after cleaning from the inside, you should clean from the outside also. Remove the carafe, water reservoir, and filter, and clean them into the hot water. After it, the cleaning of the Bunn coffee maker is completed. If you have a Ninja Coffee maker, check how to clean a Ninja coffee maker?

How To Deep Clean The Bunn Coffee Maker With Vinegar?

how to clean bunn coffee maker

After using the Bunn coffee maker for a couple of months, clean light turns on the machine, or the taste of the coffee is not the same as new. It happens due to mineral buildups inside the machine. If you don’t have a descaling solution, you may use vinegar to clean the Bunn coffee machine.

  • First, prepare the machine. Check carafe, coffee basket and water tank are all in their places and empty.
  • Now mix vinegar into the water. Take an equal quantity of both. Pour the mixture into the water reservoir to its maximum waterline.
  • The cleaning process with vinegar is something different from what we have done with descaling solutions.
  • After pouring the vinegar into the coffee maker, press the clean button. It will begin the cleaning cycle of the coffee maker. But unlike the descaling solution cleaning cycle, here you need to run the cleaning cycle only for one minute and then press the clean button again.
  • It will pause the clean cycle. This step will pull the water into the tubes of the coffee maker. So, now every part of the machine has vinegar.
  • Now wait for 30 minutes and let the vinegar sit in the coffee maker. Vinegar will do its work and dissolve all buildup from the coffee machine.
  • When 30 minutes are completed, press the clean button. It will resume the clean cycle.
  • After the cleaning cycle, performs a rinse cycle to rinse out vinegar from the coffee maker.
  • Remove the carafe, the water tank, and the filter. Rinse them all.
  • Fill the clean water in the water tank and place it back into the Bunn coffee maker.
  • Press the clean button so the water will clean and rinse vinegar from the coffee maker.
  • Repeat the rinsing step 2-3 times to remove all vinegar and its smell from the Bunn coffee maker.

Tips To Use Bunn Coffee Maker

tips to clean bunn coffee machine
  • Always use quality coffee beans for tasty coffee. Coffee beans change the taste of the coffee. So, to do a better start to the morning quality coffee beans are recommended.
  • Once a month you should deep clean the Bunn coffee maker. If clean light comes before a month, start cleaning it. For the hard water area, the clean light turns on quickly.
  • Daily clean the Bunn coffee maker from the outside. If you use the coffee maker many times a day, at the end of clean it from the outside. It will take less than 5 minutes.
  • If you are a victim of hard water then it is highly recommended to use a water filter to remove the hardness of the water. Hard water is responsible for buildups in the coffee maker and coffee doesn’t taste good.
  • Avoid using any abrasive harmful cleaner to clean the Bunn coffee maker.

What Should You Do Descaling or Cleaning a Bunn Coffee Maker?

Cleaning or descaling depends on the condition of the coffee maker. What type of impurities is inside the coffee maker?

Coffee is an oily product. In a day many times the coffee maker makes coffee. In this process, coffee oils accumulate in the coffee maker. With time, it mixes with coffee powder and creates residue. In this situation, cleaning is the only solution to remove oil residues.

You have to clean oil residues from the machine, so you get a tasty coffee. Clean the Bunn coffee maker with cleaners. You may use vinegar, lemon juice, citric acid, and hydrogen peroxide to clean the coffee maker.

Descaling is required when mineral deposits are accumulated. With descaling, you can remove mineral buildups easily. From where mineral buildups are accumulated in the coffee maker. Its answer is simple, water.

To make coffee water is needed. Magnesium, calcium, and other minerals are found in the water. These minerals travel in the coffee maker when you make coffee. Over time, they create buildups.

These buildups affect the heating system of the Bunn coffee maker so their descaling is required. So, the coffee maker takes more time to reach the right temperature for the coffee. Also, coffee won’t taste delicious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Clean The Bunn Coffee Maker?

If your coffee maker has a clean light then every time when the light turns on, you should clean the Bunn coffee maker. If you are using an old model without any clean light, you should clean it at least once a month. Deep cleaning increases the performance of the Bunn coffee maker.

Is Bunn Coffee Maker Dishwasher Safe?

Not all Bunn coffee maker models are dishwasher safe. Read the user manual to find out, whether your Bunn coffee maker is dishwasher safe or not. Also, you may ask customer care which parts of the Bunn coffee maker are dishwasher safe.

Why Should You Do Descaling To Bunn Coffee Maker?

To make a coffee, we need water. The water we use for coffee contains different minerals. Over time, these minerals coat the Bunn coffee maker and start clogging tubes and filters.
Coating of mineral buildups affects the process of the Bunn coffee maker and increases coffee-making time. Also, it changes the taste of the coffee. Vinegar and other cleaning agents descale these buildups from the Bunn coffee maker.

Bunn Coffee Maker Clean Light Is Still On After Cleaning?

Clean light is an indication that there is mineral buildup inside the coffee maker. After cleaning the coffee maker, the light is still on, which means Bunn’s coffee maker is not cleaned properly. Sometimes in one cleaning cycle, it is not possible to clean the Bunn coffee maker. So, repeat the cleaning process 2-3 times until the light goes off.

Can I Use Lemon Juice To Clean The Bunn Coffee Maker?

Lemon juice contains citric acid which is a good alternative to vinegar. Although it is not as powerful as vinegar, it will clean the coffee maker more cleaning round.

How To Clean Individual Parts of The Coffee Maker?

Parts of the coffee makers can be cleaned by hand. If parts are dishwasher safe, clean them into the dishwasher. Don’t put the filter into the dishwasher. Use mild soap with warm water to clean these parts.

How Do You Know The Bunn Coffee Maker Needs Cleaning?

The Bunn coffee maker comes with lots of features and a clean warning is a useful feature. When the coffee maker needs cleaning, the clean light of the coffee maker turns on. It reminds you that you should clean the Bunn coffee maker.

Descaling or Vinegar Which Is Better?

Descaling solutions are recommended over vinegar. These solutions won’t leave any bad smell in the coffee maker. If you use vinegar, you have to rinse the coffee maker 3-4 times to get rid of the bad smell of the vinegar.


To make a tasty coffee with good coffee, a clean coffee machine is essential. Cleaning the Bunn coffee maker is not a difficult task. By reading how to clean Bunn coffee maker and using our tested methods, you can clean it quickly. After cleaning, the coffee maker will work faster and serve tasty coffee. So, whenever you see a clean light indication on the coffee maker, clean it as soon as possible.

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