Cuisinart Coffee Maker Won’t Turn on – Troubleshooting Guide

The Cuisinart coffee maker can make a wide range of coffee. But if your Cuisinart coffee maker won’t turn on, you won’t get a tasty coffee. You need an easy troubleshooting guide to bring it back into working condition.

One cup of coffee will make your mood fresh anytime. Cuisinart coffee maker is used by many people because of its variety of brewing options.

Cuisinart coffee maker effortlessly makes tasty coffee for you. From a coffee or cappuccino to cold-iced coffee, it can make all flavors. This coffee maker is the most versatile piece of kitchen equipment.

We’ve compiled a list of common issues that stop Cuisinart coffee makers from turning on, included solutions for every issue.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Won’t Turn on

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Won’t Turn on

Power Supply Issue

power supply issue in Cuisinart coffee maker

When the Cuisinart coffee maker won’t turn on, the first thing you should check is its power supply.

Possibly, you haven’t plugged the coffee bar correctly. Remove the coffee bar plug and reinsert it properly. Also, try to plug the power cable into a different power outlet. If the indicator light turns on, wrong plugging was the issue.

If still, the Cuisinart coffee maker won’t turn on, now check the power cord. If there is any damage to the power cord, the power supply to the coffee maker won’t pass and it won’t start.

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Unplug the power cable and inspect it to see any cut or damage on it. If the power cable is damaged, replace it. If you don’t know how to do it, it would be better to take the help of an expert.

Loose connections are also responsible for this situation. Check the wire end at the coffee maker. If they are loosened, tighten them.

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Clogged Parts

Water buildups are the main reason for clogged parts in the coffee maker. From the water reservoir to coffee beans, hot water flows.

Minerals in the water cause buildups in the coffee maker. In the starting, it won’t affect the coffee-making process but with time, the amount of buildups increases and clogged the way of water.

This phenomenon occurs inside the coffee maker so how would you find Cuisinart coffee maker won’t start due to clogged parts.

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You don’t need to open the machine. Measure the time the coffee maker is taking. Due to clogged tubes water can’t reach to spray head at its natural speed so it will take more time to make coffee. Also, a change in the taste of the coffee is an indication of buildup.

Cleaning the coffee maker with vinegar or other products will remove buildups.

Make a mixture of vinegar (1/4 part) and water (3/4 part). Pour this mixture into the water reservoir and let it sit for 3-4 hours. Before doing this make the water reservoir empty. The mixture will move into the entire coffee maker and removes all buildups.

Leaking Lid

leaking lid

If there is a leaking lid, the Cuisinart coffee maker won’t work properly. Also, a leaking lid spoils coffee on the coffee maker and countertop. This issue occurs with old models, not with a new ones.

Sometimes lid becomes loose and causes leakage. In this situation, fixing its position and sealing it tight will solve the issue.

If the lid is broken or clogged, you need to replace it. In this situation, you need to replace it with a new one.

Keep in mind all lids are not the same, so you need to pick the right lid for your Cuisinart coffee maker. Read the user manual to know what lid is perfect or talk to customer care and tell them the model number, they will suggest you the right one.

Stops After Blinking Clean Light

Cuisinart coffee maker comes with a clean light indicator. Not all Cuisinart has this feature. Clean light shows its time to clean the coffee maker.

But people ignore it and continue using the coffee maker. Clean light indicates the coffee maker can’t pull water from the reservoir due to dirt and buildup inside the coffee maker.

Check the water level in the water reservoir. It should be filled up to the brew level. If there isn’t enough water in the water reservoir, the Cuisinart coffee maker stops prematurely without filling the carafe.

Now use the descaling solution to clean from the inside. Mix water and descaling powder as per instructions on the powder box. Press the auto-clean button. It will do cleaning automatically and flush out all debris from the coffee maker.

Faulty Circuit Board

coffee maker faultycircuit board

A Circuit board is electrical equipment. Due to liquid or short circuits, it may get damaged. You have tried all the above solutions but still, the Cuisinart coffee maker won’t turn on, a faulty circuit board is a reason.

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There is no direct way to check any fault in the circuit board. You need to call any coffee maker repair specialist. Don’t try to repair a circuit board, if you don’t know anything about its working. You may damage it more. Calling an expert is only recommended for this situation.

How To Prevent Future Problems In The Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Won’t Turn on

For the long life of the coffee maker, prevention is required. It keeps the coffee maker strong. If you keep the coffee maker clean and maintain it properly, there is very less chance any problem will occur.

With every coffee maker, an instruction manual comes. It has all the detail about the coffee maker. How to use it? How to clean it? How to maintain it? Etc. Read it carefully, so you can get an idea of its usage and fix problems if any occur in the future.

Make a cleaning schedule for the Cuisinart coffee maker. After every use, clean all the detachable and dishwasher-safe parts into the dishwasher. Clean the outside of the Cuisinart with a damp soapy cloth.

Outside cleaning is easy and you should do it 2-3 times a week.

For inside cleaning, you need to run a clean cycle once a month. Also, the clean indicator shows the coffee maker needs cleaning. By running a deep clean cycle, you can make sure there is no buildup inside the coffee maker.

Why Cuisinart Coffee Maker Won’t Brew?

A Cuisinart coffee maker won’t brew if the water reservoir is filled correctly. Check whether there is enough water or not in the water reservoir. Check one more thing the drip stop switch is in the open position or not.

If the Cuisinart coffee maker is still not brewing, mineral buildups have blocked the way of water in the machine. A regular cleaning cycle is the only way to prevent mineral buildup in the coffee maker.

Use commercial descaling solution to clean out buildups. Also, you may use vinegar to descale the buildup. Pout them into the water reservoir and run the clean cycle. Check the instruction guide to follow the cleaning cycle process.

After descaling, still, Cuisinart coffee maker won’t brew then you need to reset the coffee machine. Change the power plug outlet of the coffee maker.

Why Does Coffee In The Cuisinart Coffee Maker Doesn’t Taste Good Anymore?

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Won’t Turn on

A bad taste of the coffee may be possible due to many reasons. If you have recently changed your coffee brand and getting stronger coffee every time then use fewer coffee grounds. If you feel coffee is weak and can’t give you energy, use more coffee grounds.

The brew setting on the coffee machine is not according to you. Cuisinart coffee maker has different brewing settings, you can select among classic, strong, over-ice, rich, etc. Try every brew setting to find the right one for you.

Water is another reason for the bad coffee taste. Maybe your tap water is not good for the coffee and it is making your coffee taste bad. For this use a water filter to make the water clean and it will make coffee tasty.

How Do You Troubleshoot a Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

Here are some solutions to troubleshoot a Cuisinart coffee maker.

  1. Set Delay Brew Function – Set +1 minute for the delay brew function. Wrong setting this button causes starting and brewing issues in the Cuisinart coffee maker. When the delay brew button is set correctly, you will be able to use the coffee maker.
  2. Plugging – This is a silly mistake but it causes problems and the Cuisinart coffee maker won’t start. People plug the coffee maker wrongly so it won’t start. Check the power cord, it shouldn’t be damaged. Plug the coffee maker into a different power outlet.
  3. Reboot – Sometimes rebooting a coffee bar solves issues related to coffee maker starting. Remove the power cable and wait for a few minutes. Insert the power cable after a few minutes. It will set the buttons and the coffee maker will start working.
  4. Drip Stop – Check drip stop is closed or open. You should open the drip store as wide as possible. It will probably make Cuisinart work.
  5. Contact Customer Support – Most coffee makers come with a one-year warranty. Under warranty, you can contact customer care. Tell them your problem, they will guide you if it can be solved on the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cuisinart Coffee Maker Have a Fuse?

Yes, the Cuisinart coffee maker has a fuse that lets the coffee maker work properly. If the fuse is damaged or blown out, you need to replace it.

Do Cuisinart Coffee Makers Turn off Automatically?

Only those Cuisinart coffee makers turn off automatically that have an auto-shutoff feature. You can set the timer on it. So, it shut off automatically after the timer is completed. This feature saves electricity. You can increase or decrease the time of the auto-shut feature.

Why Is My Cuisinart Coffee Maker Not Using all Water?

The main reason is buildup. Buildup blocks the way of water in the coffee maker. Water can’t flow to its full potential. So, after making coffee, still, water is left in the water reservoir.

What Does Clean Button Do on Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

We know that a coffee maker needs cleaning. We clean it from the outside regularly but what about the inside. Deep cleaning is required from the inside so people hate deep cleaning. But with a clean button, deep cleaning becomes very easy. You just need to put the cleaning solution in the water reservoir and the rest of the work will machine done after pressing a clean button.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Turned on But Why Coffee Isn’t Brewing?

First, check the water reservoir. If there is no water in the reservoir, but the water in it and start the brew cycle. Now check the drip stop position. If the drip-stop is in a close position, the coffee maker won’t brew the coffee.


Like any machine, the Cuisinart coffee maker requires maintenance for longer life. Cuisinart coffee maker won’t turn on if you don’t maintain and clean it regularly. You can save it from serious damage to the coffee maker’s body.

To get a tasty coffee every time, you should give care to the Cuisinart coffee maker which it deserves. Hope, this guide helps you to solve Cuisinart coffee maker troubleshooting issues. The best thing you can do to prevent any issue in the future uses it with proper care and maintain its body.

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