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About Me

Hi, my name is Adriana Castillo and I’m the founder and editor of Beautiful Kitchen Guide.

Adriana Castillo

I am a cooking person who tries to make new dishes almost every day for my family. It’s been more than 10 years since I cook. During this period I tried different dishes and different kitchen appliances.

I have a degree in electric engineering. So, whenever any kitchen appliance stops working or doesn’t work properly, I personally repaired it. So, now I have a good knowledge of repairing any kitchen appliance.

One day my husband was reading some kitchen blogs. Then he told me that I have good knowledge of cooking and kitchen appliances so I should start a blog about kitchen tips to help other people and that’s how I started the Beautiful Kitchen Guide blog in 2021.

How Do I Test Kitchen Appliances?

Testing a lot of kitchen appliances is not an easy task and I can’t do it alone. I have a testing team that tests appliances on different points.

When we review any product, one thing we keep in mind is that our reviewed kitchen appliances should be perfect and best for our readers. We carefully check every feature of the appliance.

First, we make a list of products that we want to review. Then we personally check those products.

We check every feature of the appliance that is mentioned by the manufacturers. We check the product in different conditions to test its durability and performance.

Ease of use and user-friendliness of a product is essential. If a product is not easy to use, we don’t include it in the list.

We check its design, style, and size. We check how much time it is taking to complete the task. We always look for fast-performing products that have innovative features. We also talk to other people who are using that product and include their reviews in the article.

After considering all these things, we write in-depth, well-advised, well-thought-out review articles. We also add buying guide with every review article which helps readers to make the correct decision for buying.

Why Should You Trust Us?

When there are lots of kitchen blogs on the internet then why should you trust us?

My main goal to build this blog is to provide reliable and genuine information to readers. I don’t add those appliances which don’t fulfill our testing requirements. All DIY tips on the blog, I write with my personal experience and it helps users to solve their issues.

We regularly publish new articles on the blog. For any queries, you can contact us.

Meet My Team

Ryless Walker

As a content writer with a passion for learning, Ryless walker has a keen interest in the world of kitchen appliances. With her knowledge and a good understanding of kitchen appliances, she is committed to providing the right and useful information about kitchen appliances.