6 Reasons Why Cuisinart Food Processor Won’t Start

Malfunctions can happen with any kitchen appliance and a food processor is not an exception. Cuisinart food processor won’t start if there is any problem with it.

Cuisinart is a well-known brand of food processors. A food processor helps in the pre-cooking work and saves lots of time. When you turn on the food processor to chop or grind all the ingredients but it doesn’t start, this is the worst frustrating situation you will ever face with a food processor.

Sometimes this problem can be solved by trying simple steps which we will discuss in this article. Maybe the food processor has an internal problem or you are not properly operating the food processor, anything could be the reason.

In this guide, we are going to look at solutions for how to fix a Cuisinart food processor when it won’t turn on. The Cuisinart food processor is an excellent kitchen appliance but it still can have problems. Every time it’s not the fault of the processor, sometimes due to wrong use food processor won’t work.

Cuisinart Food Processor

Cuisinart Food Processor Won’t Start Troubleshooting Guide

A food processor is a time-saving kitchen appliance. Food processors are used to grinding, shred, chop, or knead the dough. If you are alone in the kitchen then a food processor is a good helping hand. Just put all the ingredients in the jar, turn on the processor button, and within seconds ingredients are mixed well. Also, you can grate potatoes in a food processor.

Here are the reasons for the Cuisinart food processor not working.

1. Improper Plugged In

A food processor is an electric device and it works when it gets electricity. To start a food processor, you need to plug it into a power outlet but sometimes in hurry people wrongly plugged in the power cord.

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A loose connection of the power cable won’t give power to the food processor to work.

Cuisinart Food Processor improper plug in

When the Cuisinart food processor is not working then the first thing you should check it is properly plugged in or not. Remove the plug from the power outlet and reinsert it. Maybe any wire in the plug-in cable is loose so it is causing issues. If this is the reason then reinserting the plug will solve the problem.

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2. Faulty Power outlet

A faulty power outlet is another reason the Cuisinart food processor won’t start. People plug in and out power cables in the outlet many times but the processor doesn’t work and they think there is a problem with the processor.

Cuisinart Food Processor Won’t Start due to faulty power outlet

Its solution is simple. You need to insert a plug-in power cable into another power outlet to make sure that that cable and power outlet is fine.

If inserted into another power outlet, the food processor starts then the problem is into a power outlet. Change the power outlet to solve this issue.

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3. Improper Assembly

Nowadays affordable food processors are coming with safety features. If you don’t assemble all the parts of the processor correctly it won’t start. Safety features keep safe you from any accident.

If food processor components are not properly aligned and fitted then it won’t start. In hurry, people don’t fit the processor’s part correctly and the result it doesn’t start.

All parts of the processor should be in the right places and properly aligned. If plugged in cable and power outlet both are working fine then improper assembly may be the reason of Cuisinart food processor stops working.

Cuisinart Food Processor improper asembly

The solution to improper assembly is not hard. You just need to check whether all parts are properly connected or not. Remove all parts and connect them again so any badly align part fits properly.

The main part of the food processor is the bowl. The bowl contains all the ingredients. At the bottom of the bowl, there are ridges.

Due to these ridges sometimes the bowl doesn’t fit properly. Remove the bowl and adjust its position. See the alignment of the bowl. If the bowl surface is stable and not bowl bottom surface is not leaning down then it is properly fitted.

A lid is used to cover the bowl. Handle lock the lid with the bowl. If the handle is not locked properly then it gives a signal to the food processor that the lid is not fitted properly and it won’t start. Check the lid lock and fit it properly.

4. Jammed Blade

jammed blade

The food processor blade should be moved to chop or grind ingredients. Sometimes you would have seen that when you turn on the power food processor motor moves but the blades don’t.

Blade jammed in the food processor due to an excessive amount of ingredients. In this condition, the blade can’t move and sometimes it may get broken. Big-size ingredients are stuck beside the blade and don’t give any space to the blade for rotation.

To solve this issue, you need to remove ingredients from the bowl. Keep the bowl nearly 30% empty so the blade doesn’t get stuck and move freely.

If large pieces of food cause an issue then cut down large pieces into small ones.

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You need to use safety precautions while trying this solution. Turn off the power button of the food processor. It would be better if you unplug the power cable.

5. Damaged Motor

If you remove all the ingredients from the bowl and it is empty and still blades are not moving then there is a problem with the food processor motor. You turn on the food processor and you hear a whirring sound from the motor, it is an indication that the motor is damaged.

This is a critical situation if the motor of a food processor is damaged. The motor can be damaged by different things like by cracked bowl, excessive use of food processors, etc.

Its solution is not simple as other solutions. Motor replacement of the food processor is not an easy task. If you have expertise in this field then only you can replace the motor.

First, you should check whether the food processor is under the warranty or not. If the warranty is not over yet then you should contact its service center. They will replace the motor if it covers under the warranty.

If the warranty is over then either you can replace it or go to any service center to get it replaced. Most food processors give a motor-replacing guide. You can read the guide and try to change the motor. But we would not recommend this method if you don’t have any knowledge.

If you do the wrong connection or don’t fit the motor properly then you may give more damage to a food processor. So, in our recommendation, you need to call a motor repair person for this process.

6. Overheating

Overheating is a common problem in electronic devices. When you use your phone, computer, or any other electronic device for a long time duration, you get overheated. The same thing happens with the food processor.

When any machine overheats, it stops working. When the food processor motor works for a long continuously without any break, there are chances that the motor gets overheated.

Overheating not only stops the food processor from working but also damaged the internal part of the processor. Damage depends on the temperature of the overheating.

If you are processing food in the food processor for a long definitely motor gets hot. You can feel the heat when you touch the food processor. People ignore the heat and continuously use food processors. Due to the heat, the thermal switch inside the food processor may have turned down.

There is only one solution for this problem which is to give rest to the food processor. Unplug the food processor and leave the machine for around 15 minutes. This time period will cool down the machine.

Touch the food processor and you feel it is totally cool then turn on the switch. If overheating was the issue and the food processor wasn’t working then it will work. Whenever you feel that the food processor is getting overheated then shut down it and give rest to it for a while.

Why Cuisinart Food Processor Is Not Working Due To Rusty Blades?

Cuisinart Food Processor Is Not Working

If you use liquid food in the food processor often then its blades get rusted with time. Rusty blades are the reason the Cuisinart food processor won’t work.

The Rusty blade won’t move properly and cause damage to the motor. Rusty blades need more power to work so the food processor needs to generate more power.

By changing blades, you can solve this problem. Blades are not costly. Also, new blades will be sharper so it will take less time to chop ingredients.

If the blades are not fully rusted and a little part is rusted then you can try scratchpad to remove rust from it. Also, leave the blades in the vinegar for a few minutes. Clean the blades with water and fit them into the food processor.

How To Turn On Cuisinart Food Processor?

If you are first time using any food processor and wondering how to turn on it. Don’t worry the process is simple.

With Cuisinart food processor, you get an instruction guide. In the instruction guide, you can see the whole process to turn on it.

Before turning on the Cuisinart food processor fit all the parts properly. Improper fitting of the part will cause problems and as a result, the Cuisinart food processor won’t start. Check every piece of the food processor and make sure it is fitted the way it should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Reset a Cuisinart Food Processor?

If the Cuisinart food processor is not working properly, you should reset it. For this, you need to unplug the food processor and remove any debris or food from the bowl and blade of the food processor. Now reassemble the bowl and blade and make sure they are properly aligned and tightened. When the bowl and blade are attached correctly, plug the food processor and start it.

Does Cuisinart Food Processor Have a Lifetime Warranty?

The warranty period of the food processor depends on the specific model. Most Cuisinart food processor comes with a lifetime warranty while some have a limited warranty. It would be great to check warranty information for particular Cuisinart food processors before buying.

How Do You Lock The Lid on a Cuisinart Food Processor?

To lock the lid, make sure the Cuisinart food processor is unplugged. Its blades should not be in moving condition. Place the lid on the top of the bowl and the handle should be facing you. Push the lid until you don’t hear a clicking sound. A click sound is a signal that the lid is securely fitted in its place.


All Cuisinart food processors are well-designed and excitedly constructed kitchen appliances. But little mistakes happen with any food processor that makes it stop working. In this guide, we have covered all the reasons why the Cuisinart food processor is not starting and also given solutions to every problem.

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