Ninja Food Processor Won’t Turn On? Here’s What to Do

If you use a Ninja food processor, you might know that it is a super useful appliance that helps you to prepare your meals quickly. It is a smart device that comes with preset functions and sensors, which means it will prepare food according to chosen function.

To improve its functionality, the Ninja food processor has a range of different attachments. These attachments are only useful when the food processor works properly.

If your Ninja food processor won’t turn on, don’t worry. We have plenty of simple solutions in this guide to get it to work again. The Ninja food processor is built to last, but once in a while, they might have issues. Check these troubleshooting tips and start repairing it by yourself.

Ninja Food Processor Won’t Turn On

Ninja Food Processor Won't Turn On

1. Check Power Cord

Whenever any kitchen appliance won’t turn on, the first thing you should check is its plug. Its plug is connected to the power supply properly or not?

This is an essential step to troubleshoot the Ninja food processor but you’d be surprised that people don’t start their troubleshooting with this simple step.

If the power cord is connected properly and still processor is not turning on then the problem might be inside the processor or with its parts. If you find the power cord is faulty, you need to change it yourself.

2. The Blades Are Not Inserted Correctly

The blades are an important part of the Ninja food processor. They chop, grind, and knead the dough, and crush food into all sorts of textures.

A tab inside the processor holds blades in its place when the motor rotates them. If blades are not attached to the tab properly, the Ninja food processor won’t turn on. Incorrect placement of blades prevents the processor to start. This is a safety feature to avoid any injury.

If the blades are not placed correctly and the food processor turns on anyhow, you would see sparks or a light arc between the blades and the bowl.

Remove the blades and reattach them. Don’t put force on the blades to attach them, it may break the tab. You can also check the instruction manual to see their proper placement method.

3. The Food Processor Has a Frozen Knob

The knob of the Ninja food processor controls all its settings such as speed and time. If its knob is frozen or jammed, it won’t rotate and the food processor won’t start. You can’t choose any setting with a frozen knob.

It will be jammed due to liquid, dirt, or anything else. But its solution is quite simple. You can easily fix it. Remove the knob and clean all debris, and dirt from the knob area. If anything is stuck there, use a knife or any sharp object to remove it.

4. The Bowl is Jammed or Broken

The bowl is where the food is actually processed in the food processor. It is a removable piece. It stays upside of the machine.

You remove it to clean it after processing food. Although it is a durable product that can be used in a dishwasher, still it might break. If a bowl is broken, the food processor won’t respond. It happens, due to safety features.

A broken bowl can hurt you with its broken pieces. Whenever you see a broken bowl, you need to stop the processor, if it is in the running state. Get a new bowl for the Ninja food processor.

5. Food Is Too Wet/Dry

The food you put into the food processor determines how it will be processed according to its condition. Too much liquid in the food will make it soupy and too much dry food will make it powder.

If you put too wet or too dry food into the processor, it won’t process the food. It could be that the motor might not work with full power.

Before processing the food, you should read the instructions carefully. There would be clearly written how should you put food in the processor’s bowl. You can add more of the dry or wet ingredients to get the consistency you want.

5. The Motor Is Burnt Out

The food processor performs all its functions of chopping, slicing, and shredding using an electric motor. If the motor is burnt out or there is any issue with the motor, the Ninja food processor won’t turn on. You might listen to sound from the motor but it won’t rotate the blades.

There might be also a burning smell from the motor. If you smell a burning smell from the processor, immediately you should stop it. Overloading food in the bowl creates pressure on the motor and burns it. If the motor is burnt out or damaged, replace it with a new one.

6. Check The Battery

If your Ninja food processor has a rechargeable battery, maybe its battery is dead. A dead battery won’t give power to the food processor. You need to charge it before using it.

You may have plugged it in to charge but failed to charge it. It means the battery is not in the right condition and you need to replace it. If you see a red light on the battery, it means it is dead.

Does The Ninja Food Processor Have a Reset Button?

ninja food processor

If your Ninja food processor is not turning on, you should try to reset it before calling anyone to repair it. Sometimes, resetting the processor will solve many issues.

Resetting a Ninja food processor is quite simple and quick. If it fixes your problem, it will save you from trying some difficult troubleshooting methods.

There would be a reset button at the bottom of the Ninja food processor. Unplug the food processor and press the reset button for a few seconds and then plug it back in again.

Why Does My Ninja Food Processor Keep Shutting off?

If your Ninja food processor keeps shutting off, probably there is an issue with its electrical supply. Maybe its power cord is damaged or loose so it is not giving proper supply to the motor. An improper power supply will fluctuate the power of the food processor. It may damage its motor.  

How Do You Unlock The Lid on a Food Processor?

ninja food processor

If a food processor lid is stuck, this time-saving tool becomes time-consuming. You don’t want to break its lid so here is the process to unlock its lead.

The food processor lid is built with hard plastic, so don’t try to force it open with extra pressure, it might break.

Check whether the lid hook is opened or not. Press the hook in the opposite direction until it unlocks. Now try to remove the lid.

Insert hot water into the bowl through the feed tube. Hot water will make the lid expand and it becomes easy to remove it.

Final Words

A Ninja food processor is a durable, robust, and high-quality kitchen appliance. It does lots of help in the cooking and performs quick tasks in the kitchen. However, the Ninja food processor won’t turn on if there is an issue with it. Check its power cable, attachment alignment, bowl condition, and blades to fix the issue.

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