Cuisinart Food Processor Blade Not Spinning – How To Fix It?

The Cuisinart food processor blade not spinning is one of the most frustrating things that can happen during cooking. You switch on the food processor and the blade doesn’t spin. Don’t worry this is not a big issue and there are some quick fixes.

Even if you don’t know what is wrong, there are some simple troubleshooting methods in this guide that will run the food processor blades within a few minutes. If possible, unplug the Cuisinart food processor and let it rest for about 30 minutes before starting the troubleshooting steps.

Cuisinart Food Processor Blade Not Spinning – Here Is How To Fix It?

Cuisinart Food Processor Blade Not Spinning

1. Safety Switch Issue

The first thing to check when the Cuisinart food processor blade won’t spin is its safety switch. The Cuisinart food processor comes with a safety switch that stops blades from accidentally spinning.

This safety switch must be in the on position. If it is in the off position, the blades won’t spin. Even if the motor will run but blades will remain in the off position. When you turn on the food processor, make sure its safety switch is in position so the blades will run properly.

2. Incorrect Blade Position

If the safety switch is in the on position, it is time to check the blade position. Sometimes in hurry, we don’t attach the blade to the food processor correctly. To check it, turn off the food processor and touch the blade with your hand. If the blade vibrates, it means that it is not attached properly.

If the blade is not assembled properly, it won’t spin. So, you need to remove the blade and reattach it. Make sure that the blade is securely attached to its position before turning on the food processor.

If the blade is not properly attached to the base, it may loosen it will spin, and cause injury. So, properly locks the blade into place.

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3. Overloaded Food

Another common reason why the Cuisinart food processor blade is not spinning is that the food processor is overloaded.

To do cooking quickly, people put more food in the bowl. It creates more pressure on the blade and the blade can’t spin fast enough. It won’t chop food into proper pieces. So, don’t put much food into the food processor. Put as much food as it can handle safely and it will make the blade rotate freely.

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4. Motor Issue

Now it’s time to check the food processor motor. Maybe it’s possible there is an issue with the motor so it is not generating enough power to spin the blade of the food processor.

Another common issue with motors is overheating. An overheated motor stops working. If this happens, the blade will not spin. Its safety feature prevents blade spinning in motor overheating situations.

If the motor overheats, you can check its heating by touching the body of the food processor. In this condition, remove the plug and let the food processor cool down.

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5. Drive Shaft

If the motor is not the issue for the Cuisinart food processor blade not spinning, check its drive shaft. The drive shaft is the main part that connects the motor to the blade.

If the drive shaft is misaligned, the blade won’t spin. Also, with time, the drive shaft is stripped or damaged. In this case, you need to replace it.

To check the drive shaft, unplug the food processor from the power source and remove its blade. Now look at the shaft and check its condition. Check whether it is aligned properly or not. It is damaged or not. To align the drive shaft, use a Philips head screwdriver and loosen the screw. Now, you can move the shaft. Rotate it until it aligns properly.

6. Other Internal Issues

Once, you have ruled out all of the above methods, it is likely that there is any other issue in the food processor which can’t be fixed. If your Cuisinart food processor is more than a few years old, maybe the gears inside the food processor are not in the right condition.

If your food processor is still under warranty, you can replace it and get a new one. If not, you need to buy a new food processor.

How Do You Unstick a Food Processor Blade?

Unstick a Food Processor Blade

This must have happened to you many times as well. You are using a food processor to prepare your dish and suddenly its blade gets stuck. It may happen due to chunk food or the blade being old and needing to be replaced.

To make the food processor work properly, you need to unstick the blade and replace it.

You need to start by unplugging the food processor. It is important due to safety reasons. It won’t spin the blade while you are trying to unstick it.

Clean the bowl, if there is food inside it. Now take a look at the blade to see if there is anything stuck on it or not. You may use a blunt object to remove the stuck food.

Sometimes stuck food won’t come out easily. So, put the food processor in the freezer for a few minutes. It will help to loosen the stuck part from the blade.

Can You Sharpen Food Processor Blades?

This is the common question of many people after a few years of buying the food processor because of dull blades.

If blades are dull and not cutting food properly and taking more time to do their work, you need to sharpen them.

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You can sharpen the food processor blades easily. It is a quite simple process that only needs a stone and some water. You can do it at your home but safely.

First, wear safety gloves to protect your hands. Take a sharpening stone and wet it in the water. Now put blades on the sharpening stone.

Now move the blades in the backward and forward direction on the sharpening stone. You need to move the blades until you don’t see sharpness on the blades. Once you get enough sharpness on the blades, rinse them off with water. After drying them off with a clean towel and attaches them to the food processor.

How Long Do Food Processor Blades Last?

food processor blades

Food processors are one of the most versatile and used kitchen appliances. They can perform different tasks such as chop, shred, puree, grind, etc. It performs all these tasks within a matter of seconds.

All this happens due to its sharp blades. How long its blades will last, depends on your usage. If you use mostly dry food in the processor then blade life will be reduced and they will last 2-3 years. But by their regular maintenance, you can increase the life of the blades.

Here are a few tips to increase the life of the blades of the food processor.

  1. Clean blades after every use and keep them dry to avoid rust and corrosion.
  2. Avoid using hard foods. If needed, use less quantity at a single time processing.
  3. Keep blades sharp by regularly honing them with a honing rod.
  4. Don’t clean the blades in the dishwasher.
  5. When not in use, keep blades in a safe and dry place, so they won’t get damaged.

What Happens If The Food Processor Blade Does Not Turn But The Motor Runs?

If your food processor blade is not running but its motor is running, it could be because the blade is not properly attached. Remove the blade and reattach it to its place. Make sure it is properly attached. You can check the instruction manual for guidance.

How To Clean Food Processor Blades?

Are you wondering how to clean food processor blades properly? If so, you’re not alone. Many people don’t know how to clean these blades with proper care.

Fortunately, cleaning food processor blades is not a difficult task. In a few simple steps, you can clean them and give them a new look.

If the food processor is connected to the power plug, unplug it. Now remove the blade assembly of the food processor.

To remove the blade either remove it by pulling on its release tab or remove it by rotating it counterclockwise.

Once the blade comes out, you can clean it. First, rinse the blade under warm water. Water will remove any debris from the blade. To remove stuck food, use a soft-bristled brush to remove it. Carefully use remove stuck food without damaging the blade.

Now again clean it with water. Once the blade is cleaned, reattach it to the food processor to use it.

Final Words

No matter what problem a food processor has, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. A Cuisinart food processor blade not spinning is an inconvenient situation. It makes food processors useless. Our guide has some tested troubleshooting methods to fix this issue.

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