[Solved] Hamilton Beach Food Processor Won’t Turn On

A food processor in the kitchen simplifies lots of your cooking tasks. It reduces the time of the cooking process. No matter what type of cooking style you have and what dish you are preparing, a Hamilton beach food processor surely helps you.

Many people depend on the food processor for most of their pre-cooking work. A food processor easily kneads the dough, grinds meat, etc. So, the food processor should work flawlessly. But this does not happen every time. If a Hamilton beach food processor won’t turn on, you need to fix it as quickly as possible.

We have researched and identified all possible cause that prevents the Hamilton beach food processor from turning on. It could be a faulty electrical part, overheated motor, improper assembly, etc. Before starting the fixing food processor issue, make sure its power cable is not connected to the power outlet and the power supply to the food processor is totally off.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Won’t Turn on

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Won't Turn On

One of the common reasons why a Hamilton beach food processor is not turning on is there is an issue with the power cable or power outlet. Either the power cable is not inserted properly into the power outlet or the power cable is damaged.

First, check if there is any cut on the power cable or not. If not, then remove the cable from the outlet and insert it again. Also, check power outlet is working properly by using any other device in it. Both things should work properly for the food processor to work as it should.

The next thing you should check is whether all its parts are assembled properly or not. You need to ensure that its parts are assembled in the right order and at the right place. A wrong placement won’t stop the Hamilton beach food processor from turning on.

To make sure this not is the issue, take every part of the processor apart and put it back again carefully.

If you don’t know how to place parts properly, you should check the instruction manual that came with your food processor. Every model has different parts and assembling. So, follow the instructions.

We use a lot of electrical equipment in the house. When we use most of them at the same time, electrical power demands go high and the breaker box goes down. If it is down, there is no power in the house, and the food processor won’t start.

People use different ingredients to chop or grind in the food processor. You need to cut the food or ingredients into proper pieces. Larger size pieces will stick to the blades and stop the processor from working.

What To Do To Turn on Hamilton Beach Food Processor?

hamilton food processor not starting

If you are having issues with the Hamilton beach food processor, start troubleshooting the processor.

In most common scenarios a faulty part won’t allow the food processor to start. Also, an overheated motor will stop the functioning of the processor.

Here is what you should do to turn on the food processor.

  • Make sure the power supply to the food processor is properly and correctly. If its power cable and power outlet are working fine, you won’t have any issues with the power supply.
  • Check the cord of the processor is intact and is not loose.
  • If it is overheated, remove its power plug. Let it cool down. It may take 15-30 minutes according to the heating temperature. When it becomes cool then try to restart it.
  • Check if its blades are rusted or broken. If their condition is not good, get new blades and fit them.

If all these solutions won’t work, you need to open the body of the food processor. Before opening the body make sure, the processor is not in the warranty period. Most brands won’t allow opening the processor into the warranty period. If you do, its warranty will be voided.

We suggest, if it is in the warranty, take it to the repair center. They will repair it without any cost.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Is Not Working

You plug in the Hamilton beach food processor and turn on the switch of the plug but nothing happens. If there is no movement in the food processor then what will you do?

The wrong assembly is a common reason why the food processor is not working. Every Hamilton beach food processor has a safety standard. Make sure that you have attached the lid and bowl correctly to the machine.

If a food processor will start with the wrong placement of parts, it may break down parts and cause injuries. Remove parts and be sure to align them in the proper way.

Every food processor has a knob or switches to control its speed and make it turn on or off. With time food can get logged down in the knob and make it jammed. A jammed switch won’t give power to the food processor. Clean the knob with a sponge to remove all food debris.

Why Does Hamilton Beach Food Processor Overheat?

Hamilton food processors are built with high-quality materials. They are designed to perform the toughest tasks.

But some tasks such as stirring pizza dough, use a high amount of power. There are dedicated food processors for pizza dough. But if you are using a regular food processor, you will get an overheating issue in the food processor.

Also, if you put large pieces of food in the food processor, it will put more pressure on the motor and the motor will generate quite a lot of heat. Overheating may damage the food processor.

But thanks to Hamilton beach technology, its processor cut down the power supply and turns off the motor when it becomes overheated. When it doesn’t reach normal temperature, you can’t turn it on. Sometimes people don’t understand this scenario and they complain their food processor is not turning on.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Blades Aren’t Spinning

hamilton food processor blade

If the blades aren’t spinning, the food processor can’t process anything. Good thing is that there are some quick and simple solutions to spin stick blades.

First, unplug the machine from the power supply. Now try to spin the driveshaft by hand. If the driveshaft spins by hand but when the bowl is placed on it and the blades are attached and the power supply is on and the blades won’t rotate or spin, it means the capacitor of the machine is faulty.

A capacitor can be replaced when it doesn’t work. But you should check it with a multimeter to get proper knowledge about its condition.

If the driveshaft is not spinning, when you rotate it with your hand and you hear a humming sound from the motor when it is powered, it means the motor is damaged. Contact Hamilton beach customer service to find out the whole process of replacing the motor. After replacement, a food processor will start spinning.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Lid Is Not Locking

hamilton beach food processor instruction manual

If the lid of the food processor is not locked properly, it won’t start. It happens due to the safety mechanism of the food processor. Check lid alignment before making the food processor run again.

Everything must be in its place to start the motor of the food processor. When parts are not placed properly, their lid won’t be locked at their place. Disassemble the bowl, blades, and lid and reattach them. This time set them properly.  

What To Do When Troubleshooting Don’t Work?

You have tried all the given solutions in the article but still, a food processor is not turning on, what should you do? It’s time to take the food processor to any expert repair person or contact customer care at Hamilton beach.

Its customer care is open 24*7. You can contact it through live chat, call, or email. Live chat is a good option to solve the issue quickly.

Hamilton beach provides a one-year warranty on the food processor. So, if your food processor is still, in the warranty period, you should take it to the service center directly to repair it for free.

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