Cuisinart Food Processor Lid Not Locking? Here’s What To Do

The Cuisinart food processor is a handy device in the kitchen. It performs all types of pre-cooking tasks, from chopping vegetables to making dough. You use it on a regular basis, so it may seem like there’s not much to know about its functionality.

But like any other appliances, this also may be prone to problems from time to time and the Cuisinart food processor lid not locking is one of them.

You must have faced this problem at some point in time. Lid not locking is a common issue that users encounter. If you don’t snap the lid in its place or it is broken, it will cause the lid to not lock in the food processor. The lid continues to pop open, which essentially makes it useless. This article will guide you on what causes this issue, how to fix it, and how can you avoid it in the future.

What To Do When Cuisinart Food Processor Lid Not Locking?

What To Do When Cuisinart Food Processor Lid Not Locking?

If you have a new-age food processor from Cuisinart, maybe its lead doesn’t lock into its place. Instead, there is an inset tab underside of the locking mechanism. This new design of lid locking is implemented to improve safety and prevent injury when the lid is in motion.

The first step to fixing the issue is to determine whether the lid is actually engaged or not. If it is, but it’s not locking, then continue with the below-mentioned steps to solve the issue.

Check The Blade Is Correctly Inserted

Blade Is Correctly Inserted

Before starting the process, check whether the blade is inserted correctly at the blade holder or not. If it isn’t inserted correctly, the lid won’t lock. In this situation, the lid will hit the blade and can’t close fully.

If your Cuisinart food processor has a transparent lid, you can easily see whether the blade is placed on the blade holder properly or not. If it is not transparent, take out the blade and reattach it to the blade holder to make sure it is placed in its position correctly.

Check The Locking Mechanism

The lid is used to prevent food from coming out of the jar when your process the food. The starting lid attaches to the jar properly but over time, its locking mechanism can get a little sticky.

The buildup of food particles on the locking mechanism makes it sticky. It needs to be cleaned so its locks work properly.

To clean the lid locking mechanism, take warm soapy water. Dip the scrub brush into the water and scrub it onto the locking mechanism. If it is not locking due to rust or corrosion, use a little cooking oil to make it smooth. If warm water is not able to remove the buildup, use vinegar and then scrub it on the buildup.

Confirm The Lid and Base Are Clean

People use food processors but don’t clean them regularly. If its parts are dirty, they won’t be able to fully engage in their position. You may not be able to lock the lid of the food processor. Make sure the lid and its base are clean, if not, clean them. Use warm water with mild dish soap to clean them.

Check the Position of the Feed Tube

The feed tube and pushed position should be right otherwise lid won’t lock. When the push extends too far into the feed tube and its position is not correct, the lid won’t be able to lock properly.

To close the lid fully, push the pusher nearer to the blade. If the feed tube is not aligned in its place correctly, it will prevent the lid from locking. A misaligned feed tube will come into the way of the lid. Make sure the feed tube is in the middle so the lid locks correctly.

How To Put The Lid on Cuisinart Food Processor?

Lid on Cuisinart Food Processor

Maybe a food processor is new for you. You have recently purchased it but don’t know how to put the lid on it. Don’t worry, this happens with most people when they use a food processor for the first time.

Once you know how to do it, it becomes so easy to put the lid on a Cuisinart food processor. Here is a step-by-step process.

  1. First, make sure the food processor is not on.
  2. A lid safely fits on the food processor when a plastic ring is on the lid.
  3. If the ring is not on the lid, locate the ring, it may be inside the bowl or box.
  4. Then put the ring on the lid.
  5. Now put the lid on the food processor and turn it until the lid is not tightened. Now the lid is closed and the Cuisinart food processor is ready to use.

Cuisinart Food Processor Lid Stuck

stuck lid

It happens with people. They are in the middle of processing food and suddenly blade of the Cuisinart food processor is stuck. It won’t rotate. It is because you have not properly attached the blade or it is become dislodged during use.

Luckily, here are steps that show how to fix the stuck lid without disturbing the cooking.

First, you need to locate the small tab on the underside of the lid. This tab secures the lid on the food processor. So, when you process food, the lid won’t pop out from its position. When you find the tab, lift it and place it on the food processor and the tab face should be down.

Now check the plastic ring that is attached to the lid. On the outside part of the ring, you would see small notches. When you line up the lid on the food processor base, you use these notches are reference.

To put the stuck lid on the food processor, align notches of the plastic ring with the matching slots of the food processor base. It may take a little time if you are new to using the food processor. Once you have done this, gently push down the lid until you hear a clicking sound.

How To Fit Broken Lid Of Cuisinart Food Processor?

A broken lid of a Cuisinart food processor won’t work properly. Food may come out of it. Also, the food processor may not start with a broken lid.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to put a broken lid on your Cuisinart food processor.

  • Put the food processor lid on a flat surface. Keep extra care while putting it. Make sure it doesn’t tip over.
  • Now find the tab underside of the lid. These tabs are used to fit the lid on the food processor.
  • For the tab, there is a corresponding slot on the processor. Insert the tab into the slot. You may use a little force to fit the tab into the slot.
  • Once the tab is in its place, gently push down the lid until you hear its clicking sound. That’s it, you have successfully fit the broken lid on the food processor.

Is Your Cuisinart Food Processor Breaks Down Constantly?

Although the Cuisinart food processor is a high-end kitchen appliance, it may break down by use. If your Cuisinart food processor breaks down continuously, it is not a good sign. It won’t process food properly.

Cuisinart food processor comes with an outstanding warranty. If your food processor is in the warranty period, you will get a new one from the company. If it is not in the warranty, you may take it to any service center.

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