10 Reasons Why No Water Coming Out of Faucet

No water coming out of faucet when you turned the faucet handle in on position. If there is no water in the kitchen, you can’t do cooking or washing. It is difficult to work with a faucet that has no water. It is an inconvenient condition and causes lots of problems in daily life.

There could be several reasons for no water comes out from the faucet when it is turned on. Might be water supply is interrupted, leak in the plumbing, a clogged faucet, a broken faucet, improper water pressure, and more.

Fortunately, all issues are relatively simple to solve and won’t take time to solve. For some fixes, you may need the help of a plumber, if you don’t have much knowledge of plumbing. In this article, you will find reasons why water is not coming out of the faucet and how to fix it.

Why is No Water Coming Out of Faucet?

no water coming out from faucet

1. Water Supply May Be Turned Off

water supply valve

If water is not coming out from all faucets of the house, there would be an issue with the main water supply line. Maybe someone was doing any plumbing work so he turned off the main water supply. Check the main water valve and if it is in the off position, turn it on.

If there is water in other faucets in the house but not in any particular faucet, the water supply to that faucet may be turned off.

Check under the sink, there would be a valve for the water supply to the faucet. For hot and cold water, there may be separate valves. Turn both valves into one position. If valves are already in position, check the next reason.

2. Tank is Out of Water

Some house has a tank that is used to store water. If your faucet is connected to the tank and the tank is out of water, you won’t get water from the faucet.

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If the tank is broken or its pipe is clogged, no water will come out of the faucet. If you have a tank, it would be a good idea to check the water level of the tank. If there is no water in the tank, check whether it is broken or not.

Replace the tank, if it is broken or not in the good condition. If possible, install a backup source of water for the faucet so you can get water even if the tank has no water.

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3. Check the Water Softener

If you are using a water filter or softener, check the valve that is connected to the faucet. Water filter clean the water and water softener removes the hardness of the hard water.

It is possible that the valve of the filter or softener is in the off position. If it is off, water won’t come out of the faucet, even water supply is on.

Open the filter or softener valve so water will flow towards the faucet and you will get water when you turn on the faucet. If the valve is open, check the pressure of the water.

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4. Check the Water Pressure

Low water pressure is another reason why there is no water coming out of the faucet. If there is any problem with the plumbing system, you won’t get normal water pressure. Due to the low water pressure, water won’t come out from the faucet.

Low water pressure won’t affect only a single faucet, it will affect whole faucets in the house. Low water pressure may happen due to various reasons such as clogged pipes, build-ups inside pipes, broken pipes, etc. Identify the issue and fix the low water pressure to get water from the faucet.

5. Check For a Leak

faucet water leak

A leak in the plumbing is not only bad for the faucet but also for the walls and floors. A leak wastes water and increases the water bill. Due to the leak, water flow is disturbed in the pipe and the result is no water coming out of the faucet.

If the leak is visible, you can identify it. But sometimes, the leak is inside the wall or floor’s plumbing which is not visible. To find out about that leak, check the water meter and check its reading. If there is a sudden increase in water flow shown in the meter then there is a leak.

Outside leak, you can fix but to fix a leak inside the floor or wall, you need to call a plumber.

6. Damaged Washer

A washer allows to flow water but when it is damaged, water flows interrupted. Water won’t stop immediately. First, water starts trickling from the faucet, and then after a few days, it will be stopped. If you see trickling water before a full stop, you should replace the washer. To replace the washer, remove the handle and place the new washer.

7. Frozen Pipes

frozen pipes

If you live in a cold place, you would know that water in pipes become freezes in the winter. This is a common reason for no water coming out of faucets in cold places.

Its solution is very easy. You may use a hair dryer or any other heat-emitting device to melt the frozen water. Also, you should drip the faucet, so that when the temperature goes down, its water won’t freeze.

8. Old Plumbing Parts

If plumbing parts in your house are old enough then its a high chance that its pipes are rusted or clogged or incorrect in size.

When there is no way or a small way for water to flow in the pipe due to rust or clog, you won’t get water out from the faucet. With time, old plumbing pipes are not useful anymore and you need to replace them. It will waste water and water pressure also goes down. You should contact a plumber to replace old plumbing lines.

9. Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes block the way of water. The main reason for clogged pipes is mineral build-up. Hard water deposits create mineral build-up in the pipe.

When a pipe is clogged, water won’t flow properly. If the clog is near the faucet, it will affect only a single faucet but if the clog is near the main water valve it will affect the whole house faucet. The clog is not visible from the outside. You need to do a video inspection to find out the clog position.

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10. Faucet May Be Broken

If all the above-mentioned points are not the reason for no water coming out of the faucet then the faucet may be broken. Turn the faucet handle in on and off position to check it.

If you see any crack in the faucet, it means the faucet is broken. A broken faucet won’t work properly. Water won’t come out or water leaks or water drips, and many issues are found with the broken faucet. Its solution is you need to replace it right away.

What To Do When Water Doesn’t Come Out From The Faucet In a Rented Apartment?

no water from the faucet

If you are living in a rented apartment, it is obvious that you don’t have much knowledge about its plumbing system.

If you see no water come out from the faucet when you turn on the handle, first, you should contact your landlord. You shouldn’t do any plumbing work without asking your landlord. Talk with the landlord and he will call the plumber to solve the issue.

Why Do I Have No Water All of a Sudden?

You are washing dishes and suddenly no water from the faucet, what would you do? It may happen to anyone. But don’t worry this is not a big issue.

You need to find out its root cause to solve the issue. Maybe there is any plumbing work is going on in your area so the municipality will stop the water supply for the whole area and it will cause sudden water stops from the faucet.

Does Vinegar Help Unclog Pipes?

Clog pipes cause many issues in the plumbing system. It causes a leak, and drip in the faucet. It also clogged blocks the whole pipe, it will stop the water flow and no water will come out from the faucet.

Vinegar is used to clean faucets from outside and inside. Vinegar removes mineral deposits and unclogs pipes. Sometimes, if the clog is more in the quantity, vinegar is not only enough, you need to use other cleaners to unclog pipes.

Wrapping Up

So now you know the reasons for no water coming out of faucet. You can troubleshoot the situation by checking the reasons one by one. Most of the solutions are DIY and they will start the flow of stopped water.

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