Why Is My Delta Touch Faucet Not Working?

Touch faucets are becoming popular day by day. Delta has introduced Delta Touch2.0 technology for its touch faucet series. Touch-on faucets are convenient to use. Without touching your dirty hand to the faucet, you can turn on the water.

Delta has a wide range of touch faucets. It stops speeding germs on the faucet.

But like regular faucets, Delta touch faucets may face problems. You touch the faucet’s body, but the water doesn’t flow. And you start thinking why is my Delta touch faucet not working?

So, now what to do? How to troubleshoot Delta touch faucet problems?

Don’t worry, here we are to help you to fix Delta touch faucet problems. Read our DIY solutions for Delta touch faucet troubleshooting tips.

What Is Delta Touch2.0 Technology?

Touch2.0 is a patented technology of the Delta brand for its touch faucets. Delta has developed a unique touch sensor technology for the touch faucet series.

Instead of using motion sensors, the Delta kitchen faucet uses touch-responsive sensors. Unlike many touchless faucets, you don’t need to wave your hand at any specific location or touch any specific place. Its full body is touch-sensitive. Tap anywhere on the faucet to activate it.

Delta touch2.0 offers an easier way to operate the faucet. It becomes a pleasure to use it in the kitchen sink. No more need to touch dirty hands on the faucet to open or close it. Just tap on the faucet with the elbow to activate the water.

Delta Tocuh2.0 works on the body capacity power. When our body touches the faucet, the capacity field of the faucet gets disturbed and changes the direction of the solenoid assembly so water flow turns on.

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Causes of Delta Touch Faucet Not Working


The most common reason for a Delta touch faucet not working properly is its battery. The touch sensor requires the power of the battery.

On the Delta touch faucet, an LED indicator turns on when water. Its blue led color shows the cool temperature of the water and red shows hot.

If the LED light turns even if there is no water flow then there is a problem with the battery. The blinking red led light is an indication of changing the battery.

Faulty Solenoid Valve

Faulty Solenoid Valve

A solenoid valve is a part of the touch faucet that blocks or opens the way of the water. When you touch the body of the faucet, its touch sensor sends a signal to the valve, and it opens or closes the way of water.

A solenoid valve is not used in the normal mode faucet. After replacing the battery, if water flow is not normal or blocked, a faulty solenoid valve is the reason.

This valve should be cleaned or repaired after 3-4 years, but people don’t do it and face no water issues in the faucet.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is another reason for the lack of water in the Delta touch faucets.

If water pressure drops, water doesn’t flow with full efficiency or stops flowing. May be whole house water pressure is low or for a single faucet, you need to check it.

Clogged Pipes

Clogged Pipes

If pipes are clogged, how would the water come out from the Delta kitchen faucet? Clogged pipes block the way of water.

The main reason for clogged pipes is hard water deposits. Mineral deposits of the water start collecting inside the faucet supply lines and eventually pipes get clogged.

Solutions of Delta Touch Faucet Not Working

Change Battery

The Delta touch faucet won’t work with a dead battery. A battery pack comes with the Delta touch or touchless kitchen taps that contain batteries and sends power to sensors. Follow these steps to replace the batteries.

  • Most people install a battery pack or box underneath the sink.
  • So, to open the battery pack, go underneath the sink or where your battery pack is installed.
  • Open the battery pack. There would be a hook, press it and open the box.
  • Check which type of batteries it has and buy the same batteries. You can take batteries with you to the plumbing store to get the exact model.
  • Remove old batteries and replace the batteries with new ones.
  • Connect batteries with the correct polarity of the battery box.
  • Close the box and before trying to check the faucet, press the reset button to set its setting.
  • Now touch the faucet, and the water will run. The Delta touch feature works after replacing the battery.

Fix Solenoid Valve

The tools you will need to fix the solenoid and electronic kit are

  • A thin-bladed flat-head screwdriver
  • A needle nose plier
  • A Philips head screwdriver
  • An Allen wrench
  • A knife

First, we need to turn off the water supply and power to the Delta touchless faucets to replace the solenoid valve.

If you have a plug-in-powered supply for the Delta faucet, simply unplug the power adapter from the power socket.

If you have a battery-powered power supply then open the control box using an Allen wrench. Pull off the cover carefully and the remote control module and battery box holder from the box.

Now unplug the battery holder from the control module.

After turning off the power source, turn off the water supply by closing the angle stops and turning the kitchen faucet handle to manual mode. In this step, you may face a short burst of water.

Next, remove the solenoid cover piece by prying off the side mark. For this, a thin flatted screwdriver will be used. Now there will be a Philips head screw on the valve, remove it.

After it, remove the cover. There will be a gold color bracket covering the solenoid coil. Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove screws. Gently place the coil down in a safe place.

There may be residual water coming out from the valve. Remove the spring of the valve with a flat head screwdriver and place it aside.

To remove the control disk, you have to turn on the water. Water will push the disc outside.

Inspect the condition of the valve seat by sweeping your finger inside the valve seat. To clean the valve seal, use a triple zero-grade steel wool pad to clean it. Replace the cone-shaped spring ring with needle nose pliers and the piston of the valve.

From the valve repair kit, take out the control disk and install it into the faucet. Push it fully into the faucet. Now reinstall the control valve and spring it onto the valve seat.

While installing the control valve, make sure its holes are in the line.

Fix the valve by tightening the screws on it. Place the gold-colored bracket in its place. Don’t crimp the solenoid valve coil wire. Don’t overtighten screws.

Reconnect the power source of the fixture. For AC power, plug it into the power socket. For battery, place new batteries into the battery box and press the reset button.

See the LED light on the fixture. If everything is ok, it will be flashed. If not then contact Dell customer support.

Gently slight the control module and battery holder back into the control box. Reattach the cover of the control box.

Fix Water Pressure

fix delta faucet water pressure

Fixing water pressure is not tough. First, you need to check the water pressure of other faucets in the house. If all faucets don’t have water pressure, it means the main water line has any issues.

Check the water shut off the manual valve of the main supply line. If it is fully opened then the problem is outside the house. The municipality’s water supply is not having the right water pressure.

You can confirm it by asking your neighbors. In this situation, either talk with municipality officers or wait until the water supply won’t get normal.

If only one faucet is not getting water pressure then the problem is with clogged supply lines. The Delta touch faucet works when you fix its water pressure issue.

Unclogged Pipes

unclogged pipes

Fortunately, a clogged pipe is one of the easiest plumbing solutions for Delta touch faucet not working issue.

Drain cleaners are the first solution to clean clogs from pipes. Use environment-friendly non-corrosive drain cleaner. It won’t corrode the pipe of the Delta touchless faucets.

Powder cleaners are less-harmful than liquid cleaners. Also, powder cleaners work quickly. Mix the powder drain cleaner with hot water and pour it into the supply line. It will clear the clog.

If you don’t have a drain cleaner, you can use homemade cleaners.  Vinegar and baking soda also work well as drain cleaners.

These homemade drain cleaners won’t corrode pipes and are also environment-friendly.

A drain snake is another solution for clogged pipes. A drain snake is a mechanical solution. It is available in any plumbing store and most professional plumbers use it to clean pipes. A drain snake is basically a flexible steel piece that is in a spiral shape.

Due to its flexibility, it goes inside the clogged pipes easily and removes the clog. When the drain snake is inside, twist the snake around to loosen the blockage. A drain snake doesn’t have any bad environmental effects.

Why Do I Suddenly Have No Water or Little water in Delta Touch Faucet?

Touch faucets can be clogged or have little water just like standard faucets. Before you jump down to replace or repair the valve, you should do some basic inspections to know the reason for no water.

Check the condition of the aerator. Maybe it is clogged so water is not coming out from the faucet. An aerator has holes and when most of them are clogged, water flow reduces and little water comes out.

Take vinegar in a bowl and soak the aerator in it for 2-3 hours. After it, clean the holes with a brush and at last clean them with fresh water.

If after removing the aerator, still, water flow is not normal then maybe the faucet supply lines are clogged. Use drain cleaner to clean the clog of the pipe.

If the touch faucet leaks, check the cartridge. Maybe the cartridge nut is not tightened properly or the cartridge is broken. Open the handle and replace the cartridge.

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Can You Upgrade a Delta Touch Faucet To a Voice-Activate Faucet?

Yes, it is possible. All Delta faucets that are manufactured after January 2018 can be converted into Voice-activate faucets.

Voice-activate is a cool feature and it lets you allow to control the faucet from any corner of the kitchen. Even you can give instructions to the faucet about temperature, quantity, etc.

You need to talk with Delta support to know the full process. Here is the video that will guide you through the process in the detail.

How To Reset Delta Touch Kitchen Faucet?

reset delta faucet

If sensors have any issues, resetting the Delta kitchen faucet setting will solve the issue. It works sometimes. Also, after placing new batteries with the correct polarity, you need to reset the touch system button.

Before pressing the reset button, if the battery is dead replace it. The reset button is placed near the battery box. Press it for 30 seconds to reset the faucet settings. It will set settings to their default condition.

Now, go to the upper side of the sink. Check flashing red light is still blinking or not. Touch the faucet body to check whether water is flowing with full pressure or if still, there is an issue.

If the Delta touch faucets only have a battery compartment issue, this will solve it otherwise try other above-mentioned solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Batteries Are Needed For Delta Touch Faucets?

Generally, Delta faucets use 6 AA or 4 AA batteries. Which type of battery you need, depends on the Delta kitchen faucet model. If you don’t know which battery is needed, check the battery box, there would be a written type of battery.

Why Is LED Light on Delta Touch Faucet Blinking?

LED indication on the Delta faucet shows the temperature of the water. But when the red light continuously blinks, it is a clear indication of the low battery status. If you don’t change batteries, sensors will stop working properly in a few days and the Delta touch faucet won’t work.

Why Would Water Stop Coming Out of Faucets?

A most common reason for water stops coming out from a touch faucet is died battery. You need to replace the battery to again start the water flow. Check batteries are in the good condition or worn out. Check the LED light at the base of the spout. Replace the old battery with a new and reset Delta touch-on faucet.

Will a Delta Touch Faucet Without Batteries?

The Delta touch faucet is designed to work with batteries. But you can use it like a normal mode faucet that operates by the handle. You need to bypass its touch function to use its handle.

How Long Do Batteries Last In Delta Touch Faucet?

For the Delta touch faucets, battery life is around 2 years. When the battery comes to the end stage, its LED light indicator would show a signal.

Should You Call a Plumber To Repair Delta Touch Faucet?

Delta touch faucet troubleshooting solutions are DIY. You can do faucet repair yourself with our above-mentioned DIY solutions. If you aren’t sure what is the problem and how to fix it, it would be better to call a plumber. Otherwise, you may damage Delta faucet parts.

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