Is Moen Kitchen Faucet Handle Loose? Follow These 7 Steps!

You’ve just finished your morning routine and are about to make yourself some coffee. You turn on the faucet to fill the coffee mug, and you hear a strange rattling coming from the faucet.

You check the faucet and see that handle is wobbling hysterically because it is completely loose.

Whichever faucet brand you have, sooner or later you will face a loose handle faucet problem. Moen faucets are popular among people for their quality and performance. But with time Moen kitchen faucet handle loose issue will appear.

Fixing a loose Moen kitchen faucet handle is not as difficult as it sounds. Here are 7 simple steps to fix the Moen faucet handle and make it tighten again for daily work.

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7 Steps To Fix Moen Kitchen Faucet Handle Loose Issue

Fix Moen Kitchen Faucet Handle Loose Issue

Moen faucets are aesthetically pleasing to use. Its budget faucets are sturdy and reliable but it may also have loose handle issues. This is not a common problem with the Moen faucet but if your Moen faucet has one, you should follow these steps to fix it.

Step 1: Gather These Tools

  • A screwdriver
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A flashlight
  • Cloth to cover drain holes
  • A flat-head screwdriver
  • A hex key
  • Optional – safety gloves

Step 2: Turn off The Water Supply

shut off valve

Precautions are important before starting any plumbing work. So, go to the water supply and turn it off. It will make sure that your kitchen area won’t get water anywhere when you tighten the Moen kitchen faucet handle.

You can easily find the valve under the sink to turn off the water supply. If the shutoff valve is not located there then use a wrench to turn off the main water supply. Turn the handle clockwise to turn it off.

Also, we recommend covering the drain so any tiny part of the faucet won’t fall into the drain holes.

Step 3: Remove The Cap of the Handle’s Screw or Nut

If your Moen faucet handle has a cap that is covering its screw or nut, you need to follow this step otherwise jump to step 3.

To remove the cap, use a flathead screwdriver. Maybe a cap on the side of the handle or on its top. Cap situation changes according to the faucet model. Push the cap with the help of a screwdriver and it will come out.

Step 4: Loosen The Screw

Now screw is visible, you can remove it. If it is a set screw, you need a hex key to remove it. If it is a normal screw use a screwdriver to remove it. Once the screw is loose, use a plier to unscrew it completely. This screw causes the handle to go back and forth.

Step 5: Remove The Handle and Check It

Now that there is no screw, use your hand to remove the handle. The Clean inside part of the handle with the water. If there is debris, clean it. Use vinegar to clean the hard water deposits.

Tighten the nut of the gear shaft by using an adjustable wrench. Don’t tighten the nut too much. If you tighten it too much, the handle won’t move properly.

Step 6: If Needed, Replace The Retaining Nut and Washer

If you have tried the above step but still the faucet is loose, then you may need to replace the washer and retaining nut of the faucet.

The retaining nut helps to keep the faucet in a stable position without any wobble. Over time, threads of the retaining nut become flat so its grip becomes loose, and the handle starts wobbling. Also, the washer has worn out with time. The washer helps the nut to stay in place.

Check the condition of both and whichever is not in the good condition, you should replace it.

Step 7: Re-attached The Handle

It’s time to reattach the Moen faucet handle. Fit the Moen kitchen faucet handle at its position. First, tighten the setscrew with your fingers. Use a hex key to tighten the screw.

Move the hex key in the clockwise direction to tighten the Moen faucet handle. Tighten the screw until you feel it is secure enough to hold the handle. If you overtighten it, you might strip the threads.

How To Tighten a Loose Moen Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Base?

loose moen kitchen faucet base

Tightening the base of the Moen kitchen faucet will make a loose kitchen faucet work properly. So, you can perform everyday cooking tasks quickly.

  • To tighten it from the base, you need to go underneath the sink. Remove all objects from underneath the sink and make a space for you.
  • Now turn off the water supply. Open the handle so extra water will be released from the faucet‘s pipe.
  • Turn on the flashlight and go under the sink. First, clean the underneath sink area.
  • Find the supporting nut which is holding the faucet from the base. For this, you need a flashlight because there would be dark.
  • Use a basin wrench to tighten the nuts. Turn the basin wrench until the nuts are completely tight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Faucet Handle Keep Coming Loose?

If your faucet handle keeps coming loose, it may be either due to set screws or the handle itself being stripped.
To tighten the loose set screw, use a screwdriver or Allen wrench. If the faucet is old and you have repaired it many times, then probably, its set screw is stripped. In this situation, you need to replace its set screw.
Sometimes set screw is in the right condition but the handle itself is stripped. This situation will occur in very old faucets which are more than 10 years old. Remove the set screw and then remove its handle. Now buy a new handle and attach it to the faucet with the help of a set screw.

How Do You Remove a Faucet Handle When The Set Screw Is Stripped?

If the set screw is stripped, it means the head of the set screw is damaged and you can’t make a grip on it by using a screwdriver. In this situation, you need a screw extractor. Use the right size screw extractor.
Drill a hole into the center of the screw. Fit the screw extractor into the drill hole. For better grip, tap the extractor gently with a hammer. Fix the adjustable wrench on the top of the extractor and slowly turn the wrench. It will remove the stripped screw.

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Final Words

Kitchen faucets are not only an appliance but also, they are one of the important parts of your daily routine in the kitchen. To maintain the daily routine, faucets should work properly. Faucets are investments that are done for a longer time period. A loose faucet handle disturbs washing work. But after this guide about fixing the Moen kitchen handle loose issue, your Moen faucet will work properly.

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