10 Best Budget Kitchen Faucets Under $100 – Cheap But Chic

Why waste money on expensive faucets when you can get the same functionality in the kitchen faucet at a lower price? Thinking to redecorate your kitchen or buying a new faucet but can’t decide which one is right in your budget, don’t worry, read the guide to know more details.

However, with so many available options in the market, it can be overwhelming to pick the best budget kitchen faucet. You can choose between touch or touchless, pull-out or pull-down, and single or double handle. These affordable kitchen faucets will help you to do washing and cleaning works quickly and also will change the kitchen’s look without spending much money.

This guide consists of budget-friendly faucets that fit in all types of kitchen interiors. These cheap kitchen faucets save money and are durable to use. They can withstand daily use and last for many years.

Our Top Pick

moen adler budget kitchen faucet

Performance –

Moen Adler Budget-Friendly Faucet

  • Single-handle design for easy and precise water temperature and flow control
  • High-arc spout for easy access to pots and pans
  • Duralock quick-connect system for easy installation
  • Spot-resistant finish to resist water spots and fingerprints
  • Aerated flow for conserving water while maintaining a strong flow
  • Complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for accessibility and usability.

A Quick Glance

budget kitchen faucet

10 Best Budget Kitchen Faucets Review

1. Moen Adler Budget Kitchen Faucet

moen adler budget kitchen faucet


  • Weight – ‎5.46 pounds
  • Size – ‎7.5 x 10.25 x 14.56 inches
  • Spout Height – ‎14.6 Inches
  • Spout Reach – 7.55 Inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Included Components – Faucet, deck plate
  • Finish options – 4

People think that Moen kitchen faucets are expensive but there are some Moen faucets available that come at affordable prices. Moen Adler faucet is a good-looking faucet and gets top marks from its customers.

The style of faucets plays an important role when deciding to buy any faucet. Moen Adler kitchen faucet is not much modern or traditional so it will fit with any type of kitchen interior.

Moen Adler faucet is loaded with power clean technology. In this, you get a 50% more powerful spray than other faucets in this range.

Moen Adler faucet comes with a Reflex self-retracting hose. The spray hose retracts itself after finishing work. This spray hose provides an exceptional range of motion.

It has a single handle that is ergonomic in design and helps you to control water temperature and water flow with complete precision.

It works on the duralock quick connect installation system which makes this faucet more special. Without using any tool, you can install the Moen Adler kitchen tap. This installation process keeps water lines secure fit for years, you won’t face any leakage issues.

With this faucet, you get dual spray mode. To clean everyday dishes, use aerated stream mode and for heavy-duty cleaning use powerful rinse mode. These spray modes help you to do cooking work quickly when you are in hurry.

Its 360-degree rotation will give you complete flexibility and maneuverability to do washing work easily and quickly. It has a 22-inches long spray hose that moves freely in any direction in the sink and reaches all areas for better cleaning.

It comes with spot resist steel finish so the faucet not only looks stylish but also it resists any type of fingerprint and water spots on it. 3 more finishes are available for the Moen Adler faucet. All available finishes are

  • Chrome
  • Spot Resist Stainless
  • Mediterranean Bronze
  • Matte Black

Along with an easy installation process, it has a flexible installation system. This faucet can be installed with single- and three-holes sinks. It needs only a single hole for installation. For a 3-holes sink, you may use a deck plate to cover extra holes in the sink.

What We Like:

  • Affordable price
  • Simple and sleek design
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Water-saving aerator included
  • Power clean spray technology
  • Smooth retractable spray hose
  • Dual powerful spray mode

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited finish options available

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2. WEWE Single Handle Budget Kitchen Faucet

wewe budget kitchen faucet


  • Weight – ‎4.58 pounds
  • Size – 22.7 x 11 x 3.15 inches
  • Spout Height – ‎8.5 Inches
  • Spout Reach – 8.5 Inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Included Components – Faucet, deck plate
  • Finish options – 8

WEWE is one of the best faucet manufacturers in the budget faucet category. Most of its customers are happy with its product quality. It is the perfect combination of stylish tulip design with modern technology. Such a durable body in this price range is hard to find.

So, what makes this faucet a tough competitor to others? Along with good functionality, this faucet comes with 7 different color options. It looks fantastic in every finish and also all finishes are spot-free.

Here are all the finishes.

  • Brushed nickel
  • Chrome and black
  • Gold
  • Matte black
  • Matter gray
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Polished chrome

It comes in tulip shape spout that gives an elegant look to the kitchen sink. Its decent look easily matches most of the interior.

After style, now comes on its functionality. WEWE cheap kitchen faucet has 3 different spray modes stream, spray and pause mode.

To clean dishes spray mode is good and to fill pots stream mode is helpful. When you switch between different modes there are chances of splashing on you so pause mode helps to avoid any type of splashing.

This is a cheap kitchen faucet but WEWE hasn’t compromised on the quality of the faucet. Its handle has high precision ceramic disc cartridge. This cartridge is designed to perform 500,000 on-and-off movements.

Each part of the faucet is 100% durable and gives assurance that there would no leakage in the feature.

Another impressive point about WEWE is that its customer care support is experienced and helpful. They will solve all your queries regarding the facet and also help you to install it.

Don’t worry about installation. In WEWE faucets, the pull-down hoses, and other water lines hoses are pre-connected so it saves installation time. Easy DIY installation takes less than 30 minutes to install.

You can detach its hose and move it to any area of the sink. The hose retraction system is good. The spout rotates 360 degrees to give full-range washing access.

Even after many years, the faucet looks new due to its spot-resistance finish. Easy to maintain body doesn’t need much maintenance.

What We Like:

  • Tulip shape sleek design
  • Multifunctional 3-way spray mode
  • Pre-installed hose lines are attached
  • DIY installation process
  • The spout covers a 360-degree angle
  • Easy to maintain finish
  • High-quality materials
  • Durable and long-lasting

What We Don’t Like:

  • May not be as aesthetically pleasing

3. Forious Pull Down Budget Kitchen Faucet

forios pull down budget kitchen faucet


  • Weight – ‎5.04 pounds
  • Size – 18 x 13.6 x 3 inches
  • Spout Height – 12 inches
  • Spout Reach – 10 inches
  • Material – ‎Stainless Steel
  • Finish options – 9

FORIOUS kitchen faucet is known for its quality material and easy to use design. Due to its impressive build quality, this faucet works for years in your kitchen sink. One of the best budget pull-down kitchen faucets on the list.

FORIOUS care about your family’s health so they use eco-friendly SUS 304 stainless steel in their faucets. This is a lead-free material so you can drink water from it.

It is a multi-functional faucet with a sleek design. The grip of the spout is comfortable so you can pick and drop the spout easily. This faucet looks good in brushed nickel finish and looks close to the sink design.

It has the highest finish options on the list. 9 different stylish finishes are available for it. For all types of interiors, it has almost a matching finish.

  • Brushed nickel
  • Black
  • Black chrome
  • Black and gold
  • Black and brushed
  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Matte gray
  • Oil-rubbed bronze

All finishes come with a multi-layered coating to prevent any type of spot on it. The flow rate of water is 1.8 GPM in the FORIOUS faucet.

Faucet height is good so you get a better body posture while cleaning dishes. Its budget price doesn’t compromise with spray mode.

You get the stream, spray and pause modes in this faucet. All modes are easily switchable through the button on the spout. Spray mode allows you to clean dishes gently and stream mode offers high jet spray to fill pots faster. Use pause mode to save water during washing. According to the united states environmental protection agency average family may waste more than 180 gallons of water per week, so this water-saving faucet helps you to reduce the wastage of water.

FORIOUS kitchen faucet works with both hot and cold water. A single handle controls both types of water flow. It is built with a high-temperature resistance hose.

Like both above faucets, it has also a DIY installation process. All hoses are pre-connected to the faucet to save your installation time. With a limited number of tools, you can install them. For 3-holes sink use its deck plate to décor faucet.

A high-quality ceramic disc cartridge ensures the leak-free performance of a FORIOUS kitchen faucet for years.

What We Like:

  • High-quality materials
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The eco-friendly stainless steel used
  • 3 Spray mode settings
  • High-temperature resistance hose
  • Multi-layer protective finish
  • All faucet accessories are cUPC certified

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lack of advanced features

4. Delta Essa Kitchen Faucet

Delta Essa Kitchen Faucet


  • Weight – 6.56 pounds
  • Size – 1.25 x 11 x 15.25 inches
  • Spout Height – 15.25 Inches
  • Spout Reach – 9.25 Inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Finish options – 4

Here is the most famous faucet brand, Delta. Delta Essa kitchen faucet is a highly-rated budget kitchen faucet. This faucet is competitively a little bit pricy than other faucets so we have kept it at number 4 positions. Delta Essa faucet comes under $200.

This faucet is designed for a modern kitchen interior so if you have a traditional kitchen interior then it won’t be a good choice for you.

It comes in chrome, arctic stainless, matte black, and Venetian bronze. All finishes look superb and they are specially garnished for the modern interior. This faucet has the capability to blend with other kitchen appliances.

Delta Essa kitchen faucet works on diamond seal technology. This technology is specially designed to reduce leaks. Due to diamond seal technology, the life of the Delta Essa faucet increases twice as long as the industry standard.

Delta Essa kitchen faucet servers in a dual spray mode. Stream and spray, and use whatever mode you want at your convenience. Both modes are great and easily switch between cleaning and filling tasks.

Delta is known for its futuristic technologies and MagnaTite docking is one of them. In the docking system, the faucet uses a powerful magnet to keep the sprayer in its place.

The good thing about this docking system is that where other magnetic docking systems droop over time, Delta MagnaTite docking system doesn’t droop. It works perfectly for years without any issue.

Its 24 inches long hose gives you complete freedom to move the spray head into any area of the sink. A long spray hose is always good because you can use it to fill pots that are placed on the countertop.

Now comes the cleaning point. Cleaning faucets is a big task for many people. Delta has made this work easy. Delta uses touch-clean spray holes in this faucet. After washing, clean holes with spray with fingers, no need to use any chemicals to clean them.

Delta Essa kitchen tap comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. It has InnoFlex PEX supply lines that are integrated into the Essa faucet for leak-free operation. An optional deck plate is included for 3-hole sink.

What We Like:

  • Sleek and functional design
  • Simple hose connections for easy installation
  • Diamond seal technology for leak-free use
  • Powerful magnetic docking for spray head
  • Deck plate and supply lines are included
  • Advanced features such as touch-clean spray holes

What We Don’t Like:

  • Higher Price range compared to other faucets on the list

5. Kraus Merlin Kitchen Faucet

kraus merlin kitchen faucet under 100


  • Weight – ‎8.07 pounds
  • Size – ‎11.25 x 4.88 x 15.63 inches
  • Spout Height – 15.5 inches
  • Spout Reach – 12 inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Finish options – 1

Next on the list is the Kraus merlin kitchen faucet. Are you looking for a faucet that has a traditional design with modern technology then Kraus merlin is the best pick for you? This faucet will definitely give an upgrade to the kitchen sink.

This faucet looks heavy but it is designed to use easily. Its spout rotates 360 degrees and gives complete access to the kitchen sink.

Sleek design, with an elegantly curved handle, the Kraus merlin kitchen faucet complements any kitchen interior with a soft transitional look. For maximum flexibility, it incorporates with pull-down design.

This faucet offers water-saving and easily switches between aerated stream and spray mode. This faucet is filled with reach technologies. The easy-retract hose mechanism keeps the spray head at its initial position after release.

The 360-degree swivel adapter allows you to flex, pivot, and stretch the spray head all over the sink.

Like other faucets on the list, the Kraus kitchen faucet doesn’t have any finish option. It is only available in a single finish which is spot-free stainless steel. This is an all-brite stainless steel finish.

This finish keeps the faucet body clean without putting in much effort. To construct the Kraus merlin faucet, high-quality brass material is used for the rust-free life of the faucet. A solid brass body is durable for longer life.

It has a powerful magnet so you don’t need to worry about a wobbling spray head. It uses a ceramic disc cartridge that comes with a guarantee of 500,000 uses.

Single handle design offers smooth use of temperature and water flow control. Don’t worry about installation. It comes with pre-attached water lines that are flexible to use and a quick-connect spray hose makes installation easy.

This faucet throw water at the rate of 1.8 GPM. Kraus faucet brand is known for its top-rated customer service and will definitely help you with any problem.

What We Like:

  • Modern elegant look
  • Stainless steel finish prevents fingerprints
  • Eay retract hose with swivel adapter
  • Solid brass material ensures leak-free performance
  • Dual-mode spray head
  • Secure docking system
  • Flexible water lines are attached to the faucet

What We Don’t Like:

  • Complaints of poor customer service

6. OWOFAN Inexpensive Kitchen Faucet

OWOFAN inexpensive Kitchen Faucet


  • Weight – ‎4.34 pounds
  • Size – 17.56 x 11.22 x 2.72 inches
  • Spout Height – 1‎3.9 Inches
  • Spout Reach – ‎9.2 Inches
  • Material – ‎Solid Brass / 304 Stainless Steel
  • Finish options – 5

High-arc design and durable body are exciting features of the OWOFAN kitchen faucet. To give a professional look to the faucet, its high-arc spout is wrapped into a spring. It not only looks commercial but also works as a commercial faucet.

You don’t need to think about the wobbling of the spray head. Its magnetic docking system works properly. Without getting loose, the spray head works for many years. When the spout is released, it goes quickly to its initial position.

There is a flow restrictor in the OWOFAN kitchen faucet. This restrictor saves water and when you need more power, you can remove the restrictor. Its spray nozzles are easy to clean and won’t allow any mineral build-up on them.

It has a single lever handle that has a good comfortable grip. Handles move easily thanks to its ceramic cartridge. You won’t need to do a battle with a handle to adjust water flow and temperature.

The water flow is smooth and there are no splashes on the countertop. The metal lever handle is easy to use. Handle moves forward and backward position. So, you need little space at the backside of the faucet for installation.

Its open-coil spring design gives an industrial faucet look to it. This faucet is built with durable material which is lead-free. Its lead-free solid brass body gives a long-lasting life to the faucet.

OWOFAN kitchen faucet comes in 5 different color options brushed nickel, brushed nickel with black, chrome, matte black, and gold. This faucet looks good in the brushed nickel finish.

Two way setting for spray mode is available. You can easily toggle from powerful rinse spray to splash-free aerated stream. It uses a ceramic disc cartridge that gives maximum durability to the faucet and keeps it leak-free.

It has a high arc so you won’t find any difficulty filling pots in the sink. Its heavy-duty lead-free material is good for health. It has a 25-inches long spout that can be rotated into 360-degree rotation.

What We Like:

  • Commercial look with high-quality durable body
  • Lead-free material ensures healthy water
  • DIY installation to save money and time
  • Swivel spout for easy access
  • Mutliple layer coating

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited spray options

7. ARRISEA Cheap Kitchen Faucet

ARRISEA Cheap Kitchen Faucet


  • Weight – 5.57 pounds
  • Size – 9.8 x 2.3 x 16 inches
  • Spout Height – ‎8 Inches
  • Spout Reach – ‎8.4 Inches
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Finish options – 2

There is a common issue among homeowners that they have to wipe down the faucet’s handle every time they turn the water on. To keep the faucet clean, you need to do this. The solution to this problem is a touchless kitchen faucet.

ARRISEA kitchen faucet is not expensive as other touchless kitchen faucets and also it is the only touchless faucet on this list.

The best thing about the ARRISEA kitchen faucet is that it can be operated touch and touchless in both ways. Its sensors are quickly responding. Within 0.5 seconds, its sensors respond. You can touch any part of the faucet to activate water or wave your hand near the handle.

ARRISEA kitchen faucet has a bold finish. It is protected with multiple layers so it is scratch and tarnish-free. Its brass body adds more rust-free property to this faucet.

ARRISEA kitchen faucet has a flexible spray head that can be pulled down into the sink. The spray head has dual spray mode. It doesn’t come with a pause mode feature. Now you can easily clean hard residue from dishes through this faucet.

Touchless faucets are good for germ-free use. No need to touch messy hands on the faucet. You can touch your forearm to start and stop the water.

Cleaning of the ARRISEA kitchen faucet is easy due to its spot-resistance finish. You can clean your body by wiping your fingers on it. The spout hose length is 26-inches which is enough to clean the whole sink in one go.

Instead of a magnetic docking system, it uses a gravity system. The nozzle joint easily moves back to its position after use. Its nozzle has 50% more outlets compared to other faucets in the budget range. These nozzles increase the water flow by 60%.

This faucet comes with a touch feature, to activate the touchless mode, you need to touch the gooseneck 3 times. When you don’t want to use the touchless feature, again touch gooseneck 3 times it will be deactivated. The touchless feature is good when you have children in the house.

What We Like:

  • Advanced features such as touchless technology
  • NSF certified water hoses are included
  • The drip-free ceramic disc cartridge
  • High-arc gooseneck design
  • Single or three-holes installation
  • Easy replacement process

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited customer support
  • Complaints of poor water flow

8. Ufaucet Kitchen Faucet

Ufaucet Kitchen Faucet


  • Weight – 5.3 pounds
  • Size – 16.85 x 10.51 x 3.11 inches
  • Spout Height – 6 inches
  • Spout Reach – ‎7.1 Inches
  • Material – Brass, Metal
  • Finish options – 1

Ufaucet is built with premium metal and tweaked with a spot resistance finish that guarantees resistance to corrosion for the whole life. This cheap kitchen faucet is very meticulously constructed to suit the requirements of the users.

This is a pull-out faucet with a modern commercial design. So, for a big-size sink, this is not a great option.

This faucet is designed to last the customers a lifetime and helps them to complete their kitchen work easily. After taking lots of feedback from their customers, Ufaucet has made this faucet that always made customers happy.

Ufaucet has given 20 inches long spray hose in the faucet so which makes it easy to clean dishes chill bottles, and fill pitchers. Cleaning is not a big task when you use this faucet. The water flow rate is 1.5 GPM which is quite good.

The faucet size is minimal which makes the sink look simple and clean. The faucet’s body is built with solid brass for durable use and longer life. Good thing is that it uses a ceramic disc cartridge that is designed according to industry standards so you get longevity and impeccable performance from the faucet.

Like pull-down faucets, Ufaucet pull-out spray has dual spray modes. Toggle between aerated stream and powerful rinse according to your cleaning needs.

Handle moves in the left and right direction to control water flow and temperature so no need to leave space backside of the faucet for installation. Red and blue marks on the faucet indicate the temperature of the water.

Suitable to install in single- or three-hole sink. No need to buy any deck plate. It comes with this faucet.

The spout rotates 90-degree which gives you extra advantages while washing. Spray nozzles are built with easy-to-clean features. By wiping figures on nozzles, you can easily clean them.

There is only a single-color option available for this faucet. You have to be satisfied with the brushed nickel finish.

What We Like:

  • Multifunctional water outlet
  • Easy temperature and flow control handle
  • DIY installation takes less than 20 minutes
  • Can be installed on 1 or 3 holes sink
  • Reliable drip-free performance

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited spray options
  • low-quality materials

9. Appaso Kitchen Faucet

Appaso Kitchen Faucet


  • Weight – 6.14 pounds
  • Size – ‎23.7 x 10.2 x 3 inches
  • Spout Height – 7.5 Inches
  • Spout Reach – 8.5 Inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Finish options – 8

Without a proper faucet working in the kitchen is not an easy task. Whenever you buy a budget kitchen faucet make sure that its body is rust-free and has more than one spray mode.

It has the most unique feature which any other faucet on the list won’t offer and that feature is 90-day money-back guarantee.

Customers complain that magnetic docking of their cheap kitchen faucet sags over time but this won’t happen with the Appaso faucet. It has a powerful integrated magnet snap that keeps the spray stuck to its position.

The 3-spray setting gives more power to the faucet. Stream, spray, and blade sweep choose which one you want to use.

Blade sweep throws powerful high-pressure wide sweep water that sweeps away any stuck food from dishes. Stream and spray mode works the same as I have explained earlier. The toggle button position is easy to reach. This faucet is backed by 5-years limited warranty.

8 different spot-free finishes are available for the Appaso kitchen faucet. All finishes prevent rust, and fingerprints on the faucet body. Also, it helps to prevent dirty substances on the faucet body.

Due to a good quality ceramic valve, this faucet performs smooth handle operations and ensures long-lasting performance for many years. The faucet has a high arc that rotates 360-degree and offers to reach the whole area of the sink for convenient cleaning.

Installation of the Appaso kitchen faucet is not a big task. It is suitable for single and three holes sink.

What We Like:

  • A powerful integrated magnet keeps the spray head stuck to its position
  • Modern commercial aesthetic appearance
  • 3 Settings spray mode
  • High-quality ceramic cartridge
  • 90 Days money-back guarantee
  • 5 years warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited customer support
  • Some customer complaint about its leakage issue

10. Peerless Budget Kitchen Faucet With Side Sprayer

Peerless Budget Kitchen Faucet With Side Sprayer


  • Weight – ‎5.39 pounds
  • Size – 8.75 x 10.5 x 14 inches
  • Spout Height – 10.5 inches
  • Spout Reach – 9 inches
  • Material – Brass
  • Finish options – 3

Elegant faucets in the kitchen sink can really make difference experience for those who are regularly using a normal faucet.

One thing we all agree that a side sprayer with a faucet is always a good option. The peerless kitchen faucet has high-end look that enhances the look of the kitchen sink. The whole faucet body is made of brass which gives durability and long life to the faucet.

This is not a pull-down or pull-out faucet. It has a fixed spray head that can’t be pulled. The spray head moves 360-degree. It comes with a side spray that has a 20-inches long spray hose. Side spray roams easily into the sink.

Its stainless finish prevents rust and corrosion for the whole life. A Multi-layer of coating makes a protective layer on the faucet body. The smooth appearance of the faucet and dispenser looks good.

There is only a single spray mode in this faucet which makes it a weak contender in the list. Single-mode always takes more time the washing.

The peerless inexpensive kitchen faucet is built to give a 1.8 GPM water flow rate. This water flow rate saves water and also it is effective at the time of washing.

The peerless kitchen faucet is made of durable rubber inside and outside the body is protected by the multi-layer finish. Apart from stainless steel finish, chrome and matte black finishes are also available for it.

Water flow and temperature can be adjusted by a single lever. For your help, red and blue marks are printed on the handle for hot and cold water.

What We Like:

  • An optional deck plate is included
  • 360-degree rotating swivel spout
  • Powerful side sprayer
  • Durable brass body

What We Don’t Like:

  • Complaints of poor water flow
  • Limited functionality
  • Not a good design

Quick Kitchen Tips —-

Best Budget Kitchen Faucet Comparison Chart

Moen Adler5/5‎14.6 Inches‎7.55 InchesSpot Resist Stainless
WEWE Faucet5/58.5 Inches8.5 InchesBrushed Nickel
FORIOUS Kitchen Faucet5/5‎6.69 Inches‎6 InchesBrushed Nickel
Delta Essa5/5‎15.75 Inches9.25 InchesChrome
Kraus Merlin4.9/515.63 Inches8.9 InchesSpot Free Stainless
Owofan Faucet4.8/513.9 Inches9.2 InchesBrushed Nickel
Arrisea Faucet4.6/5‎8 Inches‎8 InchesBrushed Nickel
Ufaucet 4.6/511 Inches9 InchesBrushed Nickel
APPASO Sink Faucet4.6/5‎13.5 Inches8.5 InchesBrushed Nickel
Peerless Faucet4.6/514 Inches10.5 InchesRust -free Stainless

Buying Guide For Best Budget Kitchen Faucet

Durable Body

durable body of faucet

A durable body is an essential feature you should look into in cheap kitchen faucets. A durable body will increase the life of the faucet. You need to check the overall material of the body.

Some faucet manufacturers use plastic material to make a faucet’s body. Plastic is good for flexibility but it decreases the life of the faucet. When you push the handle with heavy pressure then the plastic body may break.

Brass and stainless steel are good choices for the faucet’s body. Both materials give longer life to the faucet. Also, both materials are rust and corrosion-free.

Mounting Options

cheap kitchen faucet mount installation

Single-hole or three holes are common mounting options. All sinks come with pre-drilled holes. If you are buying a new sink and faucet then you can easily match sink and faucet holes.

If you are buying a faucet, for an already installed sink then check the number of holes the faucet needs for installation. If holes are fewer in the sink then you need to do extra holes in the sink. For the soap dispenser, you definitely need to do an extra hole.

Most single-hole faucet comes with a deck plate that covers extra holes in the sink. Drilling holes into the sink is not an easy task and you may need to take the help of a plumber. The same number of holes in the sink and faucet will reduce your installation time and save you money.


Inexpensive kitchen faucets are available in different types of finishes. You have vast options to choose a finish for your faucet.

The faucet finish should be water-resistant and spot-free. The benefit of a spot-free finish is that you don’t need to clean the faucet every time after washing dishes. A shiny finish is not a good option because it will catch fingerprints and you need to clean the faucet every day.

The faucet’s finish should look new for a longer time period. Matt and brushed types finishes are good to hide fingerprints. A main important point about the finish is that it should be matched with your kitchen interior.

Water Flow Rate

The water flow rate decides how much water you get for washing per minute. 1.8 GPM is a good water flow rate. With this water flow rate, you can easily wash and clean any type of dish.

More than 1.8 GPM faucets are also available but they are only used in the restaurant because of the increased water bill. If your faucet water flow is not good check its spray head there may be an aerator that will be blocking the flow of water.

Spray Modes

Faucets with more spray modes are good for cleaning and washing. Why would you buy a faucet with a single spray mode when you get a multiple spray mode faucet at the same price?

You can easily switch between different sprays through a button. Different spray modes reduce cleaning time.

There could be 2,3 or 4 types of spray. Pause mode is an important feature to save water while washing dishes. You don’t need to turn off the faucet’s water while washing the switch to pause mode.

Spray mode selection depends on your requirement but for convenience go with more than one spray mode.

kitchen faucet spray modes

Easy Installation

If you are buying a budget kitchen faucet then obviously that you don’t want to spend money on its installation. Nowadays most faucets come with a DIY installation process.

Installation should not take much time. The installation guide should come with a faucet. You can contact customer care if you are stuck at any point during installation.

budget kitchen faucet installation


If you check the functionality of the faucet before purchasing, it would be good. There are 2 types of pulling functionality pull-down and pull-out. Both are good in use and it depends on your requirement which one you need.

For the small sink, pull-out faucets are good options. Generally, people prefer pull-down faucets because they have high arcs so they can move their spout anywhere in the sink.

Also, check the spray functions of the faucet. Stream mode, jet mode, pause mode, and other spray modes are available for different faucets. Having more than one mode in any faucet is recommended.


Sensors are not available in all faucets. Touchless faucets come with sensors. So, if you are not buying a budget touchless kitchen faucet then the sensor is not a concern point for you. While checking sensors, you should check how fast they react and also they won’t react unnecessarily. 

Type of Faucets In Budget

You can categorize kitchen faucets by their types. There are many different types of kitchen faucets in the budget are available. Some are mentioned in the below list.

  • Single handle
  • Double handle
  • Touchless
  • Pull-down
  • Pull-out
  • Widespread
  • Centerset

It depends on which one you want; some want a double-handle faucet and some have a single handle enough. If you want modern technology go with a touchless kitchen faucet.

What Is the Standard Faucet Hole Size?

If your countertop or sink does not have any hole for the faucet and you are doing a hole for the faucet then you should do a standard-size faucet hole so, in the feature, you can fix any faucet in that hole.

1 3/8 inches is a standard size for the faucet hole. Most faucet comes with this size fitting. But some faucet needs a 1 ½ inches hole size. So, do a hole after purchasing the faucet

What Is The Best Inexpensive Kitchen Faucet For Rental Property?

Inexpensive Kitchen Faucet For Rental Property

If you are leaving in a rental house and want to buy a kitchen faucet for the rental property, our recommendation is to go with the WEWE kitchen faucet.

WEWE kitchen faucet has an impressive design and sleek appearance. Its price is very low so when you change house, you can leave it in the old house. Its single-handle design helps you to control water flow and temperature easily.

What is The Most Reliable Brand of Inexpensive Kitchen Faucets?

Most Reliable Brand of Inexpensive Kitchen Faucet

In the market there are many inexpensive faucet brands are available. Which brand of faucet you should buy?

In our list, all brands are trusted. You can pick any faucet from the list for your kitchen. If we talk about the best brand among all faucets on the list, Moen is the best. Although Moen has a limited range of faucets in the budget, its Moen Adler faucet is not expensive.

Moen is a well-trusted brand among customers. People buy Moen faucets due to brand popularity. All Moen faucets are durable and easy to use.

Moen’s inexpensive faucet comes with basic functions. Don’t expect a touchless feature in the Moen budget faucet.

Faucet Brand Vs Price

The relationship between faucet brands and prices is complex. Various factors influence the price of the faucet but brand also plays a role in its price. Brands that have good reputations in the market have generally high price faucets.

The material and construction quality of the faucet is a price-affecting factor. High-end faucet brands use premium quality material so their faucet’s price goes high. Their high-quality material is more resistant to corrosion and rust and performs longer in the kitchen.

Another factor that affects the price of the faucet is its design and functionality. High-end brands spend huge amounts on the functionality of the faucet. They make innovative changes to the faucet such as a touchless option, voice operated faucets. They add convenience and functionality to the faucet so they charge a high price. So, overall high-end brand faucets generally have higher prices.

Which Budget Kitchen Faucet Should You Buy?

After reading all reviews and buying guides, now you know more details about budget kitchen faucets. All faucets on the list are good choices but the Moen Adler kitchen faucet is our top pick in the list. This faucet has a durable body and offers great value-for-money features.

FAQ About Budget Kitchen Faucets

Are Budget Kitchen Faucets Worth It?

Budget kitchen faucets are totally worth it. If you do little research, you get quality faucets in the budget range. Budget faucets in this article are picked after comparing lots of faucets. With the affordable faucet, you may get a durable body, a long-lasting finish, and a beautiful design. Budget faucets are totally useful.

Which Budget Kitchen Faucet Is Good For Hard Water?

Hard water is a big problem for a faucet. Mineral deposits build on the faucet body and make it ugly. Also, mineral deposits make the water flow rate slow. Delta Essa kitchen faucet is a good choice for hard water.

What Is a Good Flow Rate For Kitchen Faucets?

1.5 GPM is a good flow rate for the kitchen faucet. Any faucet that has a minimum 1.5 flow rate is good for washing.

How Much Should I Spend on Kitchen Faucet?

There is no limit to spending money on the kitchen faucet. It totally depends on you what is your budget and what features you need in a kitchen faucet. If you need all the latest features then you need to spend more than $250 on the kitchen faucet. but if your budget is low than around $50, you can get a good faucet with limited features.

Where To Buy Cheap Kitchen Faucets?

YOu can buy cheap kitchen faucets from any offline store or any online store. Check out any local home improvement store near your house to get a budget sink faucet. You can check online stores such as Amazon and others to find the right budget faucet for you.


Now you should have a better understanding of the best budget kitchen faucets. You know that what you need to check while buying an inexpensive faucet for your kitchen. All the faucets on the list at available at affordable prices.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen on a budget then this article has the perfect kitchen faucet at a budget price. All faucets are a value-for-money products.

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