How To Identify a Kitchen Faucet Brand? 6 Quick Ways!

Your faucet is not in the right condition and you want to replace its faulty parts. But don’t know which brand of faucet you have in the kitchen. Maybe you are living in a rented apartment or have bought the house from someone else. Maybe It’s been many years since you bought the faucet and you forgot its model and brand.

Don’t worry whatever is your reason, this guide shows how to identify a kitchen faucet brand. Once you know the brand and its model number, you can order the right parts for the faucet.

How To Identify a Kitchen Faucet Brand?

How To Identify a Kitchen Faucet Brand

The first thing, you need to check is the faucet logo. Every brand has its own unique logo which differentiates it from other brands.

A logo is printed on any part of the faucet. There is no rule for logo printing so brand print logos at their convenience. Check the spout, handle, deck plate, spray head, and other parts of the faucet to identify the logo.

If your faucet is old, probably there would be layers of stains on it that hide the logo. Clean the faucet to see the logo. If the logo is not clearly visible move to the next method.

2. Check The Instruction Manual

instruction manual

Every faucet comes with an instruction manual. It helps to install the faucet. It also gives information about the faucet. You can check the faucet brand in the instruction manual. There will be every information about the faucet.

You can check its brand, model number, type, material, finish name, etc. on the instruction manual. It would be a paper with some diagrams and written instructions.

But unfortunately, after months of the installation, people lose it. If you still have it, you are lucky and you can easily identify the kitchen faucet brand from it.

3. Check The Model Number

The next method you should try to identify the brand is to check the model number on the faucet. The model number is printed on the faucet. Every model is different from others, so there is a special series for every faucet model.

The model number is a combination of alphabets and numbers and it is long. So, it won’t be printed on the upper side of the faucet. In some faucets, you can see behind the faucet near its base.

Some brands print model numbers on the faucet supply lines. It may be hidden and can’t be visible easily. Maybe it is printed back side of the deck plate. If you get the model number, enter it into Google to know more detail about it.

4. Check Splines

This method is a little bit tricky and lengthy. By counting splines, you can find a brand of faucet. This process requires the removal of the handle and stem. So, you need a faucet handle removal tool to check the splines.

Remove the handle and stem to see the broach. There would be grooves on the broach that is known as splines.

Every brand has a different count of numbers for spline. Count all splines to find out detail about the faucet. Once you count all splines, you can identify the brand.

You can find online which faucet manufacturer is using and how many splines. Match detail with your faucet and you would know which brand of faucet you have.

5. Check Broach Gauge

The broach gauge method to identify the fixture brand can’t be used by anyone. It needs a special knowledge of the broach gauge that only plumbers have. By identifying the broach gauge, a plumber can tell you which fixture brand it is.

6. Online Forums

Online forums are a good way to find out kitchen tap brands. Reddit and Quora are some famous forums. Here users answer another user’s query.

All you need to do is, click the photo of your kitchen faucet and upload it on the forum. Among other users, if anyone knows about the faucet, they will tell you. Its chances are high that someone will be using the same tap as you. He will tell you the brand name and model number of the faucet.

Popular Kitchen Faucet Brands



Delta is one of the most recognized kitchen faucet brands in the world. It has been in the market for more than 100 years. Delta has a prestigious brand image among its customers.

Delta is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen fixtures in North America. Its durable faucets with the latest technologies are its USP. Its Touch20 technology which is used in its touch-activated faucet is accurate and quickly responsive.

Its Touch20 technology allows you to control water flow and temperature with just a touch on the faucet.

It has no shortage of faucet models. You will get a touch-activated faucet, pull-down, pull-out, side sprayers, wall mounts, and more. To match the interior of the kitchen, Delta has a wide selection of faucet finishes.

Its faucets are eco-friendly and waste less water. Delta faucet brand gives a lifetime warranty on its faucets. Once you install the Delta kitchen tap, next 20 years you don’t need to think about any other faucet.


Kraus is a trustworthy faucet brand. Apart from making faucets it also makes sinks and other plumbing parts. Its sinks are as popular as its faucets. In 2007 Kraus brand was founded in California. Kraus is a USA-based brand but its faucets are made in China and India.

Kraus is well known for its wide range of kitchen faucet models. Kraus has every style of faucet. Whether you have a big kitchen or a small one, Kraus has a faucet for every need.

Stainless steel, brushed nickel, brass, and more finishes are available for Kraus faucets. Kraus gives an extended lifetime warranty on all its products. Its material quality makes it popular among homeowners.


Pfister has been giving its service to people since 1920. It came a long way to gain the trust of the customer.

Pfister faucet brand is best know for its pull-down kitchen faucets and side sprayers. Its wide selection range gives you more choices. Pfister faucets are available at an affordable price which makes them popular among customers.

Pfister knows the demand of the customer, so it has all types of faucets. Its faucet model comes with hands-free technology. Pfister kitchen taps are certified to use by ADA people.

Final Words

Now you know how to identify a kitchen faucet brand. So, you can replace its parts. Knowing exactly what faucet brand you have helps you to get the right part of the faucet. If you want to replace the faucet, check our guide about the best kitchen faucets.

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