How To Grind Coffee Beans With a Food Processor?

For tasty coffee, people prefer to use freshly ground coffee beans. Fresh grind beans taste better than pre-grind beans. It is the best way to enjoy coffee and kick-start your day. A grinder is a perfect kitchen appliance to grind coffee beans.

But what to do when your coffee grinder is not working and you need to grind coffee beans?

There are many other ways to grind coffee beans without a grinder. In this article, I am sharing my process how to grind coffee beans with a food processor.

If a grinder is unavailable, a food processor is a good choice to grind coffee beans. You can achieve the desired consistency of coffee beans by using different speed settings of the food processor. The longer the food processor’s blades rotate, the finer the grind size will be.

Can You Grind Coffee Beans In a Food Processor?

Can You Grind Coffee Beans In a Food Processor

If you don’t have a coffee grinder, still you can grind coffee beans if you have a food processor. With a food processor, you can easily replicate the texture and consistency of a grinder, if you do it properly.

To grind coffee beans, the grinder rotates its blades at a very fast speed. The food processor does the same but its blades are not as sharp as a grinder’s blades it takes more rounds to grind coffee perfectly.

Many food processors come with a grinding blade. If your food processor has this blade great your work is easy now.

Instead of grinding coffee beans continuously you should do it in batches. Run the food processor for a few seconds and check the beans’ condition. Until you don’t get the desired state of the beans, grind them. You can change the food processor setting to get the appropriate result.

If you have never ground coffee beans in the food processor, first you should grind a small amount of batch so you can experiment with different settings to get the perfect shape of beans.

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How To Grind Coffee Beans With a Food Processor?

How To Grind Coffee Beans With a Food Processor

Grinding coffee beans with a food processor is not difficult. With little practice, you will get an appropriate result so you can make the best cup of coffee without the grinder. Fresh grind beans are very tasty and they make your mood refreshed.

Here is the step-by-step guide to grinding coffee beans into the food processor perfectly to get the exact taste of the grinder.

  1. First, clean the food processor with a cloth and make it dry. Water drops inside the food processor will change the taste of the grind beans.
  2. With the food processor, you get different blades, you need to select the right blade for the grinding process.
  3. Now fill the food processor bowl with coffee beans.
  4. Now fit the lid on the bowl. Close the lid securely otherwise food processor won’t start. Food processors come with safety features so without proper lid fitting they won’t work.
  5. Start the food processor. Most food processors come with low, high, and pulse buttons. Start with the low speed.
  6. Press the button for a few seconds and then check how much it is ground. You should hold and release the low-speed button for few times so you get perfect grounded beans.
  7. Also, you may press high-speed buttons. But if you don’t stop it at the right time, coffee beans may grind more than enough and it will not taste good.
  8. After a few rounds, check the condition of the beans, if you are satisfied with the grind quality, stop the food processor.
  9. Open the lid and collect the coffee bean powder into a bowl or cup.

Food Processor vs Coffee Grinder

Now you know, you can use a food processor to grind coffee beans. What are the basic differences between both them?

Coffee grinders are made to grind coffee beans so their blades are sharp and thick. Its blades cut and grind coffee beans of equal size. On the other side, food processor blades aren’t as sharp as grinders. But with more rounds, you can easily grind coffee beans into the food processor.

The next difference is the size. Here food processor is the winner. Food processor bowls are big in size so at once they grind more quantity.

Coffee grinders have a customizable set of burrs. To perform different grinding functions, you need to change the distance between burrs. Change the setting and get different types of flavors. In the food processor, for customization, you can change the blade and set different speeds.

If you want a consistent performance then use coffee grinders. Coffee grinders are specially designed to grind coffee beans, so you can expect uniform coffee bean particles. But a cheap food processor is a good alternative to coffee grinders but with a less consistent result.

FeatureFood ProcessorCoffee Grinder
PurposeChopping, pureeing and grinding foodGrinding coffee beans
Blade typeMultiple blades for various tasksSingle blade for uniform grinding
CapacityTypically larger, able to handle larger quantities of foodSmaller, designed for grinding small quantities of coffee beans
Speed and powerVariable speed settings and higher wattage for tougher tasksTypically lower wattage and only one speed setting for uniform grinding
Noise levelCan be louder due to higher power and multiple bladesTypically quieter due to lower wattage and single blade
CleaningCan be more difficult to clean due to multiple blades and crevicesTypically easier to clean due to single blade and simple design

Why Do People Love Freshly Grind Coffee Beans?

Why Do People Love Freshly Grind Coffee Beans?

In the market, if the coffee powder is available then why do you need to grind coffee beans every morning to make coffee for you? Freshness and natural flavor are the main reasons why people love to grind coffee beans to make coffee.

When you grind beans before making coffee, you can taste the natural flavor of the coffee and also the freshness. Coffee powder that is available in the market is not as tasty as fresh grind coffee beans.

You can taste all flavors of the beans in the coffee. So, you get a stronger and flavor-rich coffee to start your morning.

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What To Do If Food Processor Is Also Not Available?

grind coffee beans in a food processor

People use food processors to grind coffee if they don’t have a grinder or their grinder is not in working condition. There are some more kitchen appliances that you can use to grind coffee beans. You won’t get good results with them but for once your work will be done.

  1. Mortar and pestle
  2. Blender
  3. Knife
  4. Hammer
  5. Rolling pin
  6. Peppermill
  7. Meat tenderizer
  8. Hand grind
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Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Grind Coffee Beans?

If you have a grinder at home, you should always grind beans before making a coffee. Fresh grind beans keep their freshness in the coffee and also the flavor of the coffee becomes rich. Also, you can grind beans for a whole day of coffee at once and keep it in a cold place.

Is Food Processor Safe To Grind Coffee Beans?

Yes, a food processor is totally safe to grind coffee beans. But one thing keeps in mind is that coffee beans are hard so continuously running blades of the food processor will generate more heat to grind beans. So, run the food processor at low speed with a break. It will keep it cool.

Can I Grind Coffee Beans in Any Food Processor?

All food processors are capable to grind coffee beans. People grind coffee every day so little amount of coffee is grounded. Generally, the food processor bowl size is large so if you have a mini food processor, it will be better to grind coffee beans.

Can I Make Coffee Without Grinding?

Yes, you can. But it will not taste like your regular coffee. Coffee beans will take much time to mix into the milk or water. It is not a good idea to make coffee without grinding beans.


A grinder makes the coffee bean grinding process simple. You get perfect shape grind beans from the grinder. If your grinder is not working, you can use a food processor, or blender to grind coffee beans. People don’t know how to grind coffee beans with a food processor. So, this guide is especially to help those people. After reading the article, you can easily use a food processor to grind coffee beans.

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