What To Put Under Coffee Maker To Keep Countertop Clean?

When it comes to keeping your countertop finish in good condition as new, it is important to carefully consider what kitchen appliances you can place on it. A coffee maker is the most obvious item that is found in many houses and it is kept on the countertop. But it can make scratches and spills coffee on the countertop.

What to put under coffee maker to prone scratches and other damages to the countertop? For this, you can put trays and mats under the coffee maker. They will create a protective layer under the coffee maker. These will help you to prevent messy spills and scratches from your coffee maker. Well, in this guide, you will know more about what things you can put under the coffee maker.

Do Coffee Makers Make Countertops Dirty?

what to put under coffee maker

A coffee maker will make the countertop dirty and scratched. If you don’t clean under the coffee maker, with time, you will see stains around and under the coffee maker.

A coffee maker often produces steam and splashes of coffee that will leave stains and spots on the countertop. Additionally, coffee grounds and grinds are left behind on the countertop after making the coffee. These spills will make the countertop dirty.

Another reason for the dirty countertop due to coffee maker, because it can attract bacteria and germs. The moist environment in the coffee maker helps to grow the bacteria and when you use the coffee maker these bacteria come on the countertop.

To avoid such situations, you should clean the countertop under the coffee maker but regular cleaning is not possible for everyone, so you can use a mat and tray under the coffee maker to prevent the countertop from being dirty.

What To Put Under Coffee Maker?

Mats and trays help you to prevent spills and stains on the countertop from the coffee maker. They will also prevent the countertop from the heat of the coffee maker.


No one like stains and spills on the countertop but it is a common issue under the coffee maker. These things not only ruin the look of the kitchen but also, are difficult to clean and remove.

One simple solution for this is to use a tray under the coffee maker. A tray will create a barrier between the coffee maker and the countertop and protects the surface of the countertop from any spills and stains.

There are various types of trays in the market.

  • Spill Tray – Spill trays work as their names. It catches and contains any liquid that spills on it. It is used in many places. It is a good tray to use under the coffee maker. It is easy to clean up any spills. They are available in plastic or metal material.
  • Sliding Tray – sliding tray is mounted on the track. So, it easily moves on the countertop. It is a common tray that is used in the kitchen. It provides to maximize space utilization.
  • Rolling Tray – The rolling tray is flat and wheels are attached under it. It comes in often rectangular and oval-shaped.
  • Storage Tray – Storage tray comes in different sizes. For the coffee maker, you may use a small storage tray.

All trays come in different materials. You should pick a tray that is large enough to fit under the coffee maker so it can catch any excess liquid.

A tray under the coffee maker prevents spills, stains, and scratches. It also keeps the area under the coffee maker clean and organized and makes your morning routine more efficient. Also, a tray adds a stylish touch to the countertop area. You can pick a tray color to give a personal touch to the kitchen.


Like a tray, a mat is another effective thing to put under the coffee maker. When you brew coffee, it produces a fine mist of liquid that can quickly spread and create unsightly stains on the countertop.

When you put a mat under the coffee maker, it helps to prevent stains on the countertop.

Many coffee makers with time, starts leaking and dripping on the countertop. So, if you use a mat, there will be no stains on the countertop. The mat provides a stable surface for the coffee maker. So, while making coffee, it won’t shake much and prevent spilling coffee.

You can use any mat from below mentioned mats.

  • Rubber Mat – A rubber mat is used where a non-slip surface is needed. It prevents wet and slippery conditions under the coffee maker.
  • Thick Spill Mat – thick spill mat is used where coffee spills and leaks are likely to occur. Its thick material quickly soaks up liquids. These mats are often used in the commercial kitchen.
  • Silicone Bar Mat – it is made of silicon and is non-slippery. It provides a stable surface for the coffee maker. Its cleaning and maintenance are easy.
  • Decorative Flat Mat – It is a simple mat that is used for decorative purposes in the kitchen.

What Do I Recommend?

Overall, the tray and mat are effective ways to keep the area clean under the coffee maker. But which one you should choose? It depends on your personal preference. I use a rolling tray to put under the coffee maker. So, I can easily move the coffee maker on the countertop and clean it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Prevent Coffee Sediment on Countertops?

To prevent coffee sediments on the countertop, you can try different things. Use a coffee maker with a built-in filter. When you pour coffee into the cup, do it carefully. Regularly clean under the coffee maker.

Will a Coffee Maker Damage Quartz Countertop?

It is unlikely that a coffee maker would damage the quartz countertop. But the heat of the coffee maker may damage it over time. So, it would be good to use a hot pad under the coffee maker to prevent the quartz countertop from any potential heat damage.

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