10 Types of Kitchen Faucets – Upgrade Your Kitchen

Every kitchen needs a kitchen faucet since it provides the primary water supply for activities like dishwashing, cooking, and cleaning. The practicality and appearance of a kitchen can be significantly improved by picking the proper style of kitchen faucet.

We’ll see the different types of kitchen faucets, including pull-out, pull-down, touch, single-handle, and double-handle kitchen faucets, in more detail in this outline. Making an informed decision when choosing the best kitchen faucet for your home will be simpler with this information in hand.

What Are The Types of Kitchen Faucets?

Generally, we can divide kitchen faucet types into 2 main types – Single handle and double handle. Some kitchen faucet types fall into single handle and some into double handle. It will become easy to understand types with these 2 categories.

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

It’s a type of kitchen faucet that has a single handle for both water flow and temperature adjustment. For good reason, it’s one of the most often used styles of kitchen faucets.

Kitchen faucets with a single handle are, first and foremost, highly practical. You may effortlessly change the water’s flow and temperature with just one handle and one action. When juggling multiple jobs in the kitchen, this is especially useful for swiftly adjusting the water temperature and flow.

The fact that single handle kitchen faucets are highly fashionable is another fantastic advantage. You can find a single handle kitchen faucet to fit practically any kitchen décor, ranging from sleek and modern designs to traditional and vintage forms. Additionally, you can easily locate a single handle kitchen faucet that complements the design of your kitchen because many of them come in a range of finishes.

Here are types of single handle kitchen faucets.

1. Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

When it comes to kitchen faucets types, pull-down models are among the most popular options. They offer a simple and practical means to acquire water, as well as an appealing design that can improve the appearance of your kitchen.

Those kitchen faucets that have a sprayer head that can be dragged down from the neck of the faucet are known as pull down faucets. With the sprayer head easily retractable, you can get to the water more quickly and direct it where you need it. You can clean the sink or rinse dishes with the sprayer head.

The handle of a pull-down kitchen faucet is typically used to regulate the water flow. You may change the water flow and pressure by turning the handle. As a result, using the faucet is simpler because you may change the water’s flow to suit your demands.

A pull-down kitchen faucet’s ease of installation is one of its best qualities. The installation of the faucet simply requires a few minutes of work and is pretty straightforward. Additionally, no special equipment is needed, however you might need a basin wrench or another plumbing tools.

2. Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Pull out kitchen faucets are a must-have for any modern kitchen. Not only do they look sleek and stylish, but they also provide convenience and flexibility that other types of faucets cannot match.

With a pull out kitchen faucet, you can easily direct the flow of water in different directions with just one hand – making it ideal for washing dishes or filling pots quickly and conveniently.

The main components of a pull out kitchen faucet are the hose and the head which is attached to your sink deck. When you pull on the handle to extend the hose, it will reach further over your sink allowing you to access all parts without having to move around too much – saving time as well as energy!

The length of both components can be adjusted depending on what type of task needs completing at that moment – meaning no more struggling with awkward angles when trying to fill up large containers or wash those hard-to-reach spots under taps!

Not only does this type of fixture offer practicality but its wide range design options means there’s something suitable for every style; from contemporary designs featuring smooth curves through traditional models boasting ornate details like intricate handles.

Whatever look you want in your home, there’ll be an option available! Plus many come equipped with additional features such as temperature control knobs so hot/cold water settings can be altered accordingly too…so everyone has their own perfect temperature setting ready whenever needed!

3. Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Touchless Kitchen Faucet

The appropriate fixtures can significantly alter the overall appearance and feel of your room. The modern kitchen is a place of efficiency and convenience. The faucet is one of the most crucial appliances in every kitchen, but what if you could improve this fixture even further? The touchless kitchen faucet fills this need.

A touchless kitchen faucet is one that may be used without ever touching it, as the name suggests. The majority of touchless faucets use motion-sensing technology, which detects movement in the area and automatically switches on and off the water.

Another benefit for busy, hygienic households is that you won’t again have to worry about dirty faucet knobs again with this modern convenience.

Touchless faucets can operate hands-free, have temperature control, have built-in LED lighting, and have water filtration systems, among other characteristics. You may even be able to acquire a voice-activated option that enables you to command the water with straightforward speech commands, depending on the model you choose.

A touchless faucet can be installed just as easily as a normal model, typically requiring only a few simple tools and a short amount of your time. You won’t have any trouble installing the faucet and any related hardware because they often come with step-by-step instructions.

The touchless kitchen faucet is ideal for any contemporary home in terms of efficiency, convenience, health, and safety.

4. Touch-activated Kitchen Faucet

Touch-activated Kitchen Faucet

If you’re looking for a convenient and safe way to turn on your kitchen faucet, then consider getting a touch-activated one. This type of faucet can be operated with just a gentle touch, allowing you to easily control the flow of water without having to use your hands.

Touch-activated kitchen faucets offer several advantages including convenience and safety features as well as being powered by either electricity or battery power.

Using this type of kitchen faucet is extremely easy – all you have to do is lightly tap on the spout or handle in order for it to activate and turn on the water flow.

You don’t need any special skills or tools; simply press gently with your finger until it responds. Additionally, since these types of taps are activated by light touches rather than heavy pressure, they won’t be accidentally switched off if wet hands come into contact with them – making them ideal for busy kitchens where spills are common!

The added convenience that comes from using a touch-activated kitchen tap makes them an attractive option when choosing new fixtures for any home remodeling project – especially those who want their kitchens equipped with modern technology that adds both style and function at once! With this kind of innovation at hand (literally), washing dishes has never been easier before now!

5. Pot Filler

Pot Filler

A modern kitchen accessory that makes it simple to fill large pots with water is the pot filler kitchen faucet. To fill pots without having to schlep them from the sink, this style of faucet is positioned above the stove. Pot fillers can be fitted in both conventional and contemporary kitchens and come in a variety of designs and finishes.

A pot filler is essentially a two-piece faucet system made up of a hand-held sprayer and a wall-mounted spout. Above the kitchen sink, the spout is mounted to the wall and frequently positioned at a practical height.

You can turn it on or off with a single turn of the handle because it is connected to the water supply and functions like a standard faucet.

The spout is attached to the handheld sprayer, which has a water reservoir. You may regulate the water pressure and flow using the sprayer’s own handle. When you switch on the sprayer, a strong jet of water is released as you hold it above the pot to use it.

You can regulate how much water you release by raising and lowering the sprayer. The spout is simply turned off once the pot is filled to the appropriate level.

Any modern kitchen would benefit from having a pot filler because they provide a quick and practical way to fill pots without having to carry them from the sink. Installing a pot filler allows you to fill big pots quickly and efficiently.

6. Bar Faucet

Bar Faucet

A bar kitchen faucet is a great addition to any modern kitchen. Not only does it provide an efficient stream of water that can easily be controlled, but its sleek and stylish design also adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

The single-lever faucet is mounted just below the sink and offers convenience when filling glasses, pitchers, or other vessels with cold water. It’s made from durable materials such as chrome, brass or stainless steel which makes it easy to clean and maintain over time.

The bar kitchen faucet offers many advantages compared with traditional two-handle models; firstly you don’t need extra countertop space for the handles since they are all integrated into one lever handle on top of the fixture itself.

Secondly you have more control over how much pressure comes out when turning on/off due to its single handle design. Lastly it looks much better than two separate handles if aesthetics matter in your home decorating scheme!

Overall this type of modern fixture provides greater functionality and style in comparison with traditional fixtures while still being relatively affordable too – making them perfect for those looking for an upgrade without breaking their budget! So why not consider adding a bar kitchen faucet today?

7. Wall Mount Faucet

Wall Mount Faucet

A wall mount kitchen faucet is a type of fixture that is attached to the wall right above the sink. It is usually the favoured option for a minimalist kitchen design because it does not require the traditional countertop area for a sink and can be positioned wherever.

The wall mount kitchen faucet functions similarly to a regular faucet. For installation, a cold and hot water supply line (such as a T-fitting) is required, and the water supply is typically linked directly to a water pipe. The wall mount kitchen faucet features a large spout and an adjustable head that allows the user to modify the flow of the water.

A wall mount kitchen faucet is simple and straightforward to install. The location of the water supply lines is the first phase. To accomplish this, close the main supply valve and identify the relevant water supply lines that go to the sink. A hole must be made in the wall to connect the faucet to the pipe after the water supply lines have been located.

The faucet must now be fastened to the wall as the next step. Typically, a wall anchor or drill and screws are used for this. The water supply line can be linked to the faucet once it has been fastened to the wall. The hot and cold water supply valves should then be connected to the water supply line.

Double Handle Kitchen Faucet

A double handle kitchen faucet is a popular and convenient fixture that many homeowners choose for their kitchens. This type of faucet features two separate handles, each of which controls a different function. These handles can be used to control the temperature of the water, the amount of water pressure, and even reverse the direction in which it flows.

With this kind of convenience at your fingertips you’ll never have to worry about running out or having too much hot or cold water ever again!

The installation process for these types of fixtures typically involves attaching them near your sink basin with two small screws along with two thin plates held together by a flexible ring. Once installed you’ll find that both handles are easy to operate. One will control hot water while another controls coldwater flow.

All depending on where they are positioned when turned on/off respectively . You can also adjust amounts according to your needs as well as switch up temperatures if need be so everyone in your household gets just what they want from their taps!

One great advantage associated with double handle kitchen faucets is how versatile they are; whether you prefer modern designs or something more traditional there should always be an option available catering specifically towards whatever aesthetic preference suits best within any given home space.

Additionally, due its dual-handle design it makes controlling exact amounts easier than ever before – no more guesswork involved.

8. Widespread Kitchen Faucet

Widespread Kitchen Faucet

A widespread kitchen faucet is one that has separate hot and cold water supply pipes as well as two handles, one for hot and one for cold. The handles are often spaced a few inches apart, with the water spout located between them.

The widespread kitchen faucet provides hot and cold water through a network of valves and pipes. It’s a compression faucet, which means that when you crank the handle, a valve inside the faucet opens, allowing water to flow through.

When you turn off the handle, the water will be ejected through the spout. One of the primary benefits of this sort of faucet is that it allows you to control the temperature of the water.

Depending on your demands, you can have warm or cold water. This is especially important if you need to get the proper combination of hot and cold water for a dish.

9. Centerset Kitchen Faucet

Centerset Kitchen Faucet

Centerset kitchen faucets are an ideal choice for many homeowners who want to add a bit of style and convenience to their kitchens. These types of faucets are designed to be installed in the center of your sink, making them easy-to-install and requiring fewer countertop holes than other styles. This makes them perfect for small spaces or those with limited countertop space.

In addition, centerset kitchen faucets have a rather straightforward mechanism that is simple and easy to use. All you need do is turn the handle on the side of the base unit which will open up water flow from both sides at once – allowing you more control over how much water comes out at one time as well as providing even coverage across your dishes or pans when washing them off in larger sinks!

The design also allows for easier cleaning since there aren’t multiple components that require dusting; just wipe down around where it meets the countertop surface periodically with soap & warm water solution instead! Plus, if ever needed replacement parts can typically be found easily too so maintenance isn’t overly complicated either!

Centerset kitchen faucets provide plenty of advantages such as ease-of-use & installation along with attractive aesthetics all while taking up less room than most other models available on today’s market – making it an excellent option no matter what type home setup you may have going on inside yours!

10. Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Are you looking for a chic and long-lasting kitchen faucet? A bridge kitchen faucet is the perfect choice! Bridge kitchen faucets are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens with sink and countertop combinations. They offer an appealing alternative to the traditional two-handle design, providing a symmetrical look that gives your space an elegant feel.

Bridge kitchen faucets have two separate spouts connected by a bridge or arch, allowing you access to every part of your sink without having to stretch or reach over it. The pull out spout also makes it easier for those who frequently work in their kitchens as they can move the spout around according to their needs. These types of taps come with one, two or three handles depending on how big your sink is so you can easily adjust water temperature and pressure at any time during use.

Not only do these kinds of taps provide practicality but they also give off modern vibes due to its unique design which will make any space look more sophisticated instantly! So if you’re looking for something stylish yet effective then this type of tap should be top on your list when considering new fixtures for your home renovation project!

Bridge kitchen faucets are made to be simple to instal and operate. They are typically made of stainless steel and come with all of the necessary installation hardware. The bridge is typically secured with two nuts and bolts, and the faucet requires a separate mounting plate to be installed.

Bridge kitchen faucets are typically equipped with a ceramic disc valve, a pressure-sensitive valve that allows the user to change the water pressure and temperature. The ceramic disc valves are situated at the faucet’s base and are adjustable with a simple knob or lever.

What To Look For In a Kitchen Faucet?

types of kitchen faucets


Kitchen faucet prices range widely, from simple versions to more opulent ones. It’s critical to decide how much money you’re willing to spend on a kitchen faucet and stay to that budget.

Keep in mind that more expensive models may have extras like a spray head or a soap dispenser. Consider the long-term advantages of purchasing a higher-quality faucet, including as durability and longevity, as well as the possible cost savings from decreased maintenance and repairs.


The type of kitchen faucet you select will be influenced by the size and shape of your kitchen sink. A compact faucet may be a preferable alternative for a tiny sink, but a large sink may necessitate a larger or more complicated faucet.

To verify that the faucet you choose fits comfortably in your kitchen, measure the distance from the centre of your sink to the edge of the sink and to the nearest impediment, such as a window or a cabinet.


The kitchen faucet you select should compliment or match the overall style and design of your kitchen. There are several styles to pick from, including modern, traditional, and contemporary, as well as various finishes, including stainless steel, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Consider the colour and material of your sink, as well as the style of your cabinets and countertops, when selecting a faucet for your kitchen.


Your kitchen faucet’s material quality will affect its endurance and longevity. High-quality materials, such as stainless steel, solid brass, or high-quality plastic, are less prone to corrode, rust, or wear over time. Consider the thickness of the material as well as the finish quality to ensure you choose a faucet that will last for years.


Consider the features and functionalities you require in a kitchen faucet, such as a spray head, a high-arc spout, or a soap dispenser.

Consider the chores you do in your kitchen the most regularly, such as filling pots or washing dishes, and choose a faucet that makes these jobs easier and more effective.

Look for faucets that have changeable spray patterns, such as a wide or narrow spray, and faucets that have numerous spray options, such as a stream or a spray.

Water Pressure

Make certain that the faucet you select is compatible with the water pressure in your property. Look for faucets with aerators or flow restrictors to help enhance the flow of water if you have low water pressure. Consider the faucet’s GPM (gallons per minute) rating, as this may affect the amount of water flow you receive.

Brand Reputation

When selecting a kitchen faucet, consider the faucet’s brand reputation. Look for faucets from well-known and trustworthy manufacturers that have a proven track record of quality and customer satisfaction.

Consider reading customer reviews and comparing the warranties provided by other brands to make an informed decision.


When selecting a kitchen faucet, keep the installation process in mind. Some faucets are easier to install than others, and they may include detailed instructions as well as all essential hardware. If you’re not handy or familiar with plumbing, look for a faucet that is simple to install or comes with professional installation.


Look for a kitchen faucet that comes with a strong warranty, since this can provide you peace of mind in the event of any difficulties or flaws. A warranty can save you money on costly repairs and replacements while also indicating the quality of the faucet and the manufacturer’s trust in its product.

Consider the length of the warranty as well as the terms and conditions, and select a faucet with enough coverage for your needs. In addition, search for faucets that come with a warranty that covers not just the finish but also the mechanical components, including as the valves and cartridges, to ensure that your investment is fully protected.