How To Remove Recessed Faucet Aerator Without Key?

An aerator is one of the important parts of the faucet. It reduces water splashes and makes water flow smoothly. But with time, aerator holes are filled with mineral deposits. So, in this situation, you need to remove the aerator to clean its holes.

You can easily remove an aerator with an aerator key but the situation becomes difficult when there is no key for the aerator.

How to remove recessed faucet aerator without key? This article covers 4 methods that will show you how you can remove an aerator if you don’t have its key.

What is a Recessed or Hidden Aerator?

recessed faucet aerator

An aerator controls the flow of water by mixing the air into the water. It reduces the water pressure and makes water less forceful. When water comes out from the aerator it feels softer on your skin. It also prevents splashing.

In some faucets, the aerator is visible at the front end of the spray head. But some faucets have hidden aerators. A hidden aerator is secured and hidden behind a decorative cover. This type of aerator is more aesthetically pleasing than the normal aerator.

Before You Start

How To Remove Recessed Faucet Aerator Without Key?

Before removing the aerator without its key, make sure the aerator is the main reason for the problem. If you are thinking that water flow is low due to the aerator are you are removing it, you should check whether it is clogged or not. Low water flows are also caused due to faulty inner parts of the faucet.

Low or no water from the faucet may be due to buildup, leakage, rust, or clogging. If water flow is inconsistent, then maybe the connections of the faucet are loose. You need to tighten them to fix the problem.

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Good thing is that aerator is visible from the outside, so you can check whether its holes are open or clogged. If there is any issue with the aerator, you can check it without opening it. When you remove the aerator to replace it, make sure you have an aerator that matches the model and style of the faucet.

Recessed Faucet Aerator Removal Tools

These are some tools you need when you don’t want to use your hand to remove a hidden aerator.

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  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Boiling water
  • WD-40
  • Hammer

How To Remove Recessed Faucet Aerator Without Key?

Manual Removal

aerator removing by hand

First, you should try your hands to remove the recessed faucet aerator without a key. Some hidden aerators come out easily when you try to remove them by hand. If their seal is not tight, they will come out easily.

People only remove the aerator when it is in very bad condition. So, if you haven’t removed the aerator after installing the faucet then it is a high possibility that it is stuck.

In this situation, tap with a hammer on the spray head to loosen the aerator. Now make a tight grip of your hand on the aerator and try to remove it. If a still hidden aerator is not coming out, try the next step.

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Use Boiling Water

To remove the recessed faucet aerator that is hidden, boiling water is a good idea. Some faucets have aerators that have marked with the words “boiled only”. It means you need to use hot water to remove it.

Take a bowl and pour hot water into it. Now sink the spray head into the hot boiling water. The aerator is made of plastic. Hot water will make the aerator loosen from its place and you can easily remove it from the faucet with a hand.

Use a Screwdriver

You can’t use a wrench to remove a recessed faucet aerator. Then screwdriver is the right tool to remove it. A screwdriver is an easily found tool in the house. So, you can use it without any expenses.

You need to place the screwdriver near the aerator ridges. When it is at the right place, push it so the screwdriver will go a little more inside. Now try to remove the recessed aerator.

Using WD-40

Wd-40 is a chemical product that is used to loosen stuck parts. It is not only used for the faucet but also on many appliances in the house. It also easily removes stains, rust, and corrosion.

Rust, corrosion, buildup, all these things help to aerator to stick. Wd-40 is available at any plumbing store. Spray WD-40 on the aerator and let it sit for an hour. WD-40 will do its work and loosen the aerator. A loose aerator will come out easily with a hand without any key.

How Do I Remove a Stuck Aerator From a Recessed Faucet?

The aerator is a small thing that requires maintenance. Without maintenance, your faucet aerator becomes clogged and stuck. Plier is a helpful tool to remove the stuck aerator. In this situation tongue plier is a good option.

  • To protect the faucet from scratches, use masking tape or a thin towel and wrap it on the spray head where you are using the plier.
  • Make a grip of the plier around the screw and move it until the aerator doesn’t come off.
  • At first, it might be tricky to make a grip on the screw. You need to adjust the position of the plier.
  • Don’t grip the plier tightly on the faucet, it will cause damage to the faucet.
  • Use a plier on the different parts of the aerator so it will come out smoothly.

Can an Aerator Cause Low Water Pressure?

low water pressure due to faucet aerator

A clogged aerator causes low water pressure. An aerator sits at the end of the spray head. It has tiny holes that mix air into the water.

But with time, these holes become clogged due to buildup and sediments. It causes low water pressure. Water doesn’t get much space when holes are clogged so you get low water from the spray head.

Use vinegar to open clogged holes. By soaking the aerator in vinegar for a few hours, any debris or corrosion will be removed from its holes and water will flow with normal water pressure.

Where Can You Find The Key For Your Aerator?

faucet aerator key

If your faucet aerator has a key, you would get it with the faucet. If you have lost it then you can order it from the manufacturer’s website. Not all aerators have the same key. You need to find the key of the aerator according to the faucet model.

If you are unable to find the key, you need to contact customer care of the faucet and they will guide you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Faucet Aerators The Same Size?

Not all aerators are the same size. Generally, aerators come in 2 sizes 15/16 inches or 13/16 inches. You should measure the size of the aerator before buying a new one. You can also check the aerator size on the faucet’s official website.

Can You Use a Faucet Without an Aerator?

There is no issue if you use a faucet without an aerator. People remove the aerator if they want more pressure from the faucet. An aerator controls the water flow by mixing air into the water. If you want water to flow without any mixing of air, you can remove the aerator.

How Often Should You Replace a Faucet Aerator?

When you should replace the faucet aerator, depends on the condition of the aerator holes. If holes are clogged and after cleaning still, they are not opened, you should replace them.

Final Words

Keeping the faucet aerator clean is an important task to keep the faucet running smoothly. By removing the clogged aerator, you can clean it. But how to remove recessed faucet aerator without key. This is explained in this guide. By trying the above methods one by one, you can remove the recessed aerator.

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